You’re surrounded by small gifts of prosperity

What does prosperity look like? Many think in order to be truly prosperous, one needs a huge yard, mansion, and all the gold and diamond baubles that go with it, but that is not the only definition of prosperity.
The dictionary definition of prosperity is a state of health, happiness, and prospering.
That does not have to be on a large scale. There are many little gifts that can come your way in life to give you a general sense of well being that is prosperity.
One way to watch prosperity in action is to keep note of every bit of money that comes into your life and goes out of your life.
Of course you will have bills and other regular expenses on the going out column, and your paycheck and other expected monies on the coming in column. But before you think you’re done filling out the list, there are a lot of little gifts of prosperity you are likely not thinking of putting on the coming in column that should be there.
Did someone purchase lunch for you during the workweek? What was the savings to you? While they may not have handed you cash, that is money coming in to you, in the form of money you did not have to spend. That goes in the coming in column.
Were you looking to make a purchase, and found the item on sale? What was the savings? That is money that you were expecting to spend, but didn’t, so it should go on the money coming in column.
How about a refund from your tax returns that you were not expecting? Yet another little gift of prosperity.
While many people don’t consider these things a portion of their path to prosperity, all these little gifts of prosperity are pieces of a steady good fortune or financial security that is part of what prosperity is. By making a list of the small gifts that come in, you will see prosperity in action. That realization that things are happening will open you up to even more channels where small, and even large, gifts of prosperity may be waiting.

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