Your subconscious and how it works

Your subconscious can be compared to a very powerful computer and just like a computer it comes with certain programs already installed and the capacity to add more programs, according to operator’s wishes and needs.

Just like a computer bought from a shop you’re born with a basic operating system to perform the basic functions you need to stay alive. Your subconscious has  preinstalled programs to keep your heart beating, keep you breathing , make your kidney and liver work harmoniously  I sure you get the picture.

You also come just like a store bought computer with the capacity to install new programs. Unlike a store computer you also come with other inherit traits like curiosity, creativity, the need to copy others, and the urge to learn.

As new skill are learnt they to become programmed into our subconscious minds and rarely have to be thought of consciously again. These skills include things like learning to walk, and learning to feed ourselves. Once these rudimentary skills have been learnt and programmed into are subconscious minds we can forget about them. We can move on to the next step learning to ride a bike, improving our table manners etc.

Without these subconscious programs our lives would be impossible imagine having to think about every heart beat, every breathe and every step we take. Your subconscious mind is dealing with hundreds of different tasks simultaneously and this frees up the conscious mind for higher thinking and its role of operator.

Our subconscious also control everything else because it always acts in our best interests or (this is the interesting bit) in what it’s programmed to belief are our best interests.  This makes our subconscious programs or belief s very powerful.

These beliefs are normally installed at a very early age by our parents and other authority figures and by our earliest experiences as we get older repetition and reinforcement cause them to become entrenched deep within our minds. Normally only persistent, well planned, conscious reprogramming can unearth and change them later in life.

If we belief at a subconscious level that poor people are good and rich are bad, or money is the root of all evil. Your subconscious mind will never let you be rich because it beliefs that would make you a bad person and that money is evil and therefore not good for you. Being rich is not in your best interests.

Even if you manage to strike it rich though an inheritance or the lottery your subconscious programming will make it almost impossible to keep hold of the money and even if you do you won’t enjoy it.

If you hold such negative or limiting beliefs your subconscious will use a barrage of tricks to maintain the status quo. It will cause you to make poor judgments and decisions or let down your defenses and let in sickness, to sabotage your efforts. Bad luck and poor timing maybe your downfall. Guilt may plague you should come into money against the odds.

If you belief that sick people are closer to god or receive more love and attention, then you are programmed to be sickly most of the time.

Subconscious programming can also be more positive if you belief that it’s your god given birthright to be rich or it’s good to have money because you can use it to help yourself and other people. You’re well prepared to go out and seek your fortune.

With the right programming you will be in the right place at the right time. You will find the energy and determination necessary to overcome obstacles and when your pile is made you will be able to enjoy it and use for the benefit of all.

If you want to change your life you must first change your beliefs, only by digging out our deepest subconscious beliefs and changing them for more positive can we override our programming and changing the course of our lives.

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