You can always be in the right place at the right time.

If you have always been envious of those who are always lucky, why aren’t you asking yourself why aren’t you that lucky person?  The answer is there is no good reason, other than you are not in the right mindset to bring good things to you.

The difference between you and that ‘lucky’ person is they had no doubt they could get that money and deserved it, so the universe gave it to them.  This is the mental situation you need to get to.  Truly believing, with all your being, that you deserve to have prosperity and gifts that will boost your financial status.

I have heard stories of people who changed their outlook, and started believing they deserved surprises and prosperity, and then won a lottery the next week.  Will we all win a lottery jackpot once we change our mental consciousness? Of course not, but while we may not get millions, a financial present of any amount is better than none. 

While it seems easy to many to say, “I deserve money.” really believing it is another story.  Think about your daily verbal interactions with others. We say a lot of things we don’t really mean.  When someone asks how you’re doing, unless you know them well, you’re likely going to say ‘good’ or ‘great’ even if you are dealing with a number of problems in your day.  You don’t really feel that way, but it’s the expected answer to the question. 

When you speak using the Law of Attraction, just saying the words is not enough. You have to feel and believe each word you say.  If you can’t do that when you ask for more prosperity, you are not ready to receive it. 

You need to go back to your beginning affirmations and denials to rid yourself of the things that are causing doubt to enter your mind, and convince yourself that you are giving positive energy to the universe and deserve positive energy back in the form of prosperity.

You must feel throughout your entire being that you are ready to receive gifts from the universe for it to begin to deliver.

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