You Are What You Think

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “you are what you eat”.  Today I’m here to tell you, you are what you think!  There are several modes of thought.  There is concentrated thought, where you stop for a minute and work on a problem, actively seeking a solution or understanding.  There is unconcentrated thought, which you do during the day when you are also engaged in other things.  You generally don’t recall much of that thinking, it’s just background chatter.  There is transmitted thought, where you are thinking loudly enough for others to perceive.  You may notice this when someone starts singing a song out loud that you were singing in your head.  And there is receptive thought, where you are actually receiving thoughts broadcast by another.  Some psychics are able to tune into this at will.  You do it too, but don’t realize it.

So with all these modes of thought and almost constant thinking going on during your daily life, you naturally will fall into patterns of thought.  This happens unconsciously and changes from time to time.  For some of us, once patterns are set they are difficult to change.  Others find that any new pattern is easy to lock onto.  These patterns may occur because of something that happened, is happening, or is about to happen.  If you meet someone fantastic you may shift from a more negative pattern of thought quickly to a positive pattern of thought.  If things start going wrong you may shift from positive thought patterns into negative thought patterns.

These patterns of thought are what we are most concerned with.  Our thoughts are what generate our feelings.  Stop for a moment and think back to the last time you had a loved one die.  If you focus on that for a moment, you will begin to feel sad.  You became sad because of thought.  Think forward to something you can’t wait to happen.  This should make you become excited.  You became excited because of thought.  The Law of Attraction works by way of energy.  Like attracts like.  When you are emanating a positive, happy energy, like circumstances and people are drawn to you.  Likewise, when you are emanating a negative, unhappy energy, like circumstances and people will come your way.  The energy you give off is mostly emotion, which is far more powerful in an energy sense than thought alone.
This is why it is so important to develop a positive pattern of thought.  You will never control 100% of your thoughts!  But that doesn’t matter, because only the overriding pattern is important.  If your primary pattern is positive, your normal emotions will be positive, and these will be constantly broadcasting a powerful positive signal to magnetize positive circumstances in your life.  Because of this, you are, in fact, what you think!

Begin by noting any negative emotions in your daily life.  What caused them?  What were you thinking about?  Take a moment and change your thinking to try and bring your emotions back up.  After a few days of this, note whether positive or negative emotions seem to be more common for you.  If positive, good work!  Just keep on working at improving your positive patterns of thought.  If negative, then begin working harder to keep your thoughts more positive.  When things come about in your daily life that bring you down, try to let them roll off your back.  Step back and look at the big picture of your life.  If there is trouble at work, remember that work is not your life.  If there is trouble at home, remember that you love your family and things are usually better.

By changing your patterns of thought you will change your life.  Literally!  You are what you think, so if you’re not happy, think better thoughts.  Happy thinking!

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