Why Are Children So Accepting of the Law of Attraction?

Children are truly delightful little people. You need not have, or even want, a child of your own to appreciate their innate approach to living life to it’s fullest. Children are reluctant to even sleep, out of fear they may miss some wonderful event. To look through the eyes of a child is to rediscover small pleasures, daily delights, and dwell much less on what seems wrong with the world. Children have no self conscience spirit when they are born. Only after someone has imposed fear of failure upon them do them begin to recoil from risk. From a small child’s perspective everyone exists to please and serve them. 

Consider that the Law of Attraction stands by, like a loving parent, to provide for your needs, desires and comfort. A child has no question that this is true, although they lack the vocabulary to express it. Children are not shy about expressing their joy, and will wholeheartedly laugh at even themselves. Ask a young child what they would like to receive as a gift, and some may surprise you by saying everything, and asking why they have to choose! You see, we are by nature selfish, and self centered. The Law of Attraction waits at the ready, to bring into your life that which you give your thoughts, emotions and energy to considering. Children quite naturally consider good, or beneficial things! They want food, a blanket, to be held, and to be sang to. As the child grows, so does the desires, however they remain of a positive nature. Only through the corruption from an elder I their life will the child begin `not wanting’ things. Only after abuse does the child begin to fear physical contact. Only after  a prolonged absence from a parent does the child begin to dread separation. Children must be taught to think about those things that are negative. A young child does not think, ‘I don’t want to be hungry again’. She thinks, `Bring me some food’ . Do you see the difference? It is of monumental importance. It is all perspective, positive versus negative. If nurtured in the beauty and kindness of those around him, the child will grow to be a positive person, always reaching for the good that will be, rather than shrinking from the bad that could be.

See things through the eyes of a child, and rediscover for yourself the Law of Attraction in it’s splendid power and majesty. Imagine a future with no past, imagine a light that allows no dark, and imagine you, with the power of the Law of Attraction awaiting your next request!

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