Where to Connect with Other Law of Attraction Students

Have had a few emails over the last day or so asking about Law of Attraction retreats.

People want to know if I’ll be doing one.  And to answer that, I don’t know.  I discussed doing something with Wendy from IfYouCouldKnow.com and this is a possibility, but right now, we have no specific plans for anything.

Wendy has a great site for women who want to grow (or just start) their businesses and I know she has been doing a lot of stuff online, including conference calls and chats, which deals with the Law of Attraction.  It’s at DesireToGrow.com, if any of you are interested.

So yet another thing for women…  What about the guys?  Where can you connect with people who want to work on the Law of Attraction?

I have found Meetup.com to be amazing for connecting with people.  If there isn’t a group in your area, you can start one, or just put out the intention, and you’ll be contacted when other people show interest.

This isn’t a retreat, of course…

If you’re female, check out what Derba Moorhead is doing.  For the guys on here, rest assured that I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I hear about anything you can get involved with.

And if you do have any suggestions on live events which you’d like to see from me, please post them here.  I’m certainly open to doing something if it’s the right fit and can work into my schedule. 🙂

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