When The Law of Attraction Becomes Frustrating…

Sometimes it seems the Law of Attraction isn’t working.  Perhaps it seems it isn’t working fast enough.  Perhaps it seems it isn’t working at all.  Frustration is a signal that something you are doing isn’t working.  Your actions and your desires are not in alignment.  Sometimes this is as simple as working on your patience.  Other times, you are actually sabotaging your manifestation efforts without realizing it.  Let’s look at a few causes of frustration and how to correct them.

Your word is one of your most powerful tools.  Think about it.  Words are thought, solidified into sound waves, moved from the realm of faster-than-light vibration down to the speed of sound.  Every word you speak is a manifestation in and of itself.  There are two ways this might affect you.  First of all, do not speak to others about your manifestation goals.  You may set up a subconscious resistance if you feel that person disapproves.  Their energy may interact with your efforts.  Either way, the result will probably not be helpful, so why chat about it?

Secondly, make sure that you only speak words that back your true goals.  Don’t work to be rich and then say haphazardly to a coworker the next day, “I’ll probably grow old and die at this desk!”  If you are not congruent with your visualizations, thoughts and words, you will have more difficulty manifesting your desires.  Congruence is important to your subconscious mind and the universe, because you are sending messages out in all forms of communication.

Finally, is the time you spend visualizing fun?  If it’s not, you aren’t doing it right!  If it’s not fun, you are not lending the energy needed for manifestation to your desires.  Kick back, relax, and daydream like you’re a child!  Have fun with it.  The whole idea is that you experience the feelings of having your desire, such that the universe bends to accommodate these feelings.  You won’t feel in love for long before someone pops up for you to be in love with.  You won’t feel wealthy for long before money will begin to flow to you.  You won’t feel healthy and happy long before health and happiness follow you.  You must create the emotional state of being there first, then allow the things to come after.  The things you think are needed to create these feelings are not – that’s what the point of visualization is.

When you have the emotion, the energy, the beliefs and the expectations, the reality MUST follow.  If you mix any of these up, you will be muddying the water.  That’s not to say you will not succeed, just that it will take longer and be harder.  There’s no point in struggling needlessly.  If you are frustrated with the Law of Attraction, stop for a few days.  Think about a way you can approach your desires in a more exciting, enjoyable way.  Then execute that plan.

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