Reader Question: Can Playing the Lottery Help Me Pay For a House?

Kathi wrote in:

Your email couldn’t have been more timely.  Because I am going to be a grandma for the first time I decided months ago I want to move two hours south to be closer to my daughter and new grandbaby.  After going into shock over high rent prices I set an intention to buy a home. And for the past 3 months I have been debating everything listed in your email (I’ll have to save more money, I’ll have to increase my income, I’ll need a higher credit rating, I may need to ask someone to co-sign for a mortgage, Maybe I should lower my standards and look for something more reasonably priced).

Since May, 2011 I have been working diligently on my credit rating, looking for a better paying job in that area, and house shopping.  I have been successful in finding a foreclosure that is the home of my dreams.  Unfortunately, it’s at the top of my price range and is badly in need of repair ($30,000 worth).  So along with trying to get pre-approved, I am also looking at much less expensive houses and lower my standards.  The high end of my price range is $80k and homes listed for $50-$60k are just AWFUL!

So, what’s your suggestion?  I have been playing the lottery, but thus far has had no success.


Kathi in Indiana (wanting to be in Kentucky)

Hey Kathi!
Thank you for your question!

Your current situation is one we all can relate to. Circumstances change and we find ourselves wanting something new. Actually, not just wanting something new, but wanting something very important and something bigger than we have wanted in awhile.

You’ve got a newborn grandchild on the way and, on an emotional level, the magnitude of your need (and want) to be close to your family is huge. While it feels like the house situation isn’t coming together with ease, that uncertainty is, probably, bringing up the fear that you’ll miss out on time with your family.

From what you have written, it sounds like you have a lot of things going for you. The trick to getting more of what you want is to really, really, really celebrate what you already have rather than getting caught up in the anxiety of what you don’t have.

Let me share an experience I once had.

Four years ago, I moved to a new city. Rather than going out and exploring the city, I stayed in my apartment and worked at my computer. Eight months moving in, the landlord came to me and said he wanted to renovate the building and asked if I would move out—within 30 days. I agreed to move. In exchange, the last month was rent-free.

At first I was scared. Not knowing the city well, I had no idea which would be a good neighborhood to move to. I was scared I wouldn’t find a place in time. I was afraid I’d apply for a bunch of apartments and be denied by all of them. I was afraid I would find a place I hated but have to take it because I had no other choices.

I went on a message board where people living in this city posted on to ask for recommendations, promote local events, ask for advice, etc.  I wrote a post asking if anyone could give me any advice on looking for an apartment. A woman replied saying there was an apartment available in her building and gave the landlord’s number.

When I called to ask about it, at first the landlord said there was nothing available. I said, “Are you sure?” He said one might be available, but told me to call back in a couple of days to check. Days later, I followed up. Sure enough, an apartment became available.

I went to check it out. It right downtown and within walking distance to everything I needed. Also, unlike any other place I have ever lived, this apartment had a huge patio. Thanks to the good recommendation given by the landlord who asked me to move, I was approved for the new apartment. Not only that, I was given the first month rent-free.

When I was going through this experience, for the first while I was freaking out. But then I started to calm myself down and bring my attention to two things: gratitude and awe.

-Truth be told, I felt isolated where my apartment was, but wouldn’t have made the effort to move for quite awhile. I was grateful my past landlord pushed me to leave.

-I was grateful for the message board I had access to and for the woman who posted the info I needed.

-I was grateful for the available apartment and the positive recommendation my past landlord gave to help me acquire it.

-I was totally grateful for both landlords giving me rent-free months (totaling $2600).

Even in the time of uncertainty, I still focused on the gratitude of each experience I had and was in awe of how, once I stopped being afraid of the worst, things came together quite easily.

Kathi, it seems as though you have a ton of things going your way:

-A new grandbaby!

-Money to invest in a house

-Past experience that has given you the confidence that buying a house is possible

-Present experience showing you the house you want is within your reach

I’m sure there are other things you can think of as well.

It really comes down to this: focusing on the gratitude for what you do have will bring you more.

Playing the lottery to, hopefully, get more money isn’t such a bad thing…if you go into it with the right vibration. If you are buying lottery tickets while feeling anxious, stressed, desperate, frustrated, etc you’re blocking that potential source of money from coming your way.

Look at your current living situation and find things about it to be grateful for. Also, while the house isn’t coming together as you would like, pay attention to the things you are attracting into the other areas of your life. And, finally, while being grateful and acknowledging what a powerful manifester you are, keep holding the vision of you being in a fabulous house with your grandchild in your arms.

Take the focus off of the “Where is the money going to come from?” question and take action by doing things to keep yourself feeling good about the present and the future you want to create. With every fiber of my being, I believe, once you begin doing this people and circumstances will show up that will help you to create the living arrangement you want.

I hope this helps!


P.S: Do you have any advice for Kathi? Leave it in the comments below.

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