What Blocks You From the Positive Law of Attraction Gifts?

Have you ever been in a true gridlock situation? Frustrating, isn’t it? You see where you need to go, you feel you have what you need to get you there, however you just can’t move in the right direction. To add torment to your trouble, what if you ran out of gas during the gridlock?! Now even when the gridlock clears up, you will be unable to reach your goal without some aid.

Many of us go through life as if we were in cars stuck in a perpetual gridlock. We really believe we know where we need to go, and we are certain we have what it takes to get there, however we just don’t seem to be making any forward motion. Why is that? Well, often, even if we think our plan has been thought out, and we have acquired the skills and tools necessary to proceed with it, there really is something blocking our way.

Our own negative emotions and  feelings, translated into energy that crosses time and space, is blocking any positive force waiting to come into our realm. May I suggest a simple tool for your positive thinking path to all the riches the universe can offer you through the Law of Attraction? Begin today keeping a Victory Journal. Of course you have heard countless times the value of journaling. This is different, though, in a vitally important way. Nothing, no hint, not a single word, nothing at all negative ever goes into this book! This is strictly a volume for you to keep track of and celebrate your daily victories.

For some, this may be foreign soil. Perhaps you have always given more credence to the disappointments and disasters in your life than the wonderful and marvelous events surrounding you. For you, I say, breathe deep, this is not going to hurt a bit! Letting go of your negative viewpoint will open doors to the greatness of the life awaiting you. Start small with a child’s smile, a faithful dog’s wag, a beautiful flower in an unexpected location. These, and a myriad of other delights have always been yours for the noticing.

Soon, as every day brings new peace, joy, and satisfaction to your realization, you will naturally begin to experience and truly notice with pleasant astonishment the bliss your life consists of. Get out of life’s gridlock of melancholy and situational sorrow, and spend today and all of your tomorrows on a path way destined for delight. To sum this all up, here is a lovely quote from Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, younger sister of former President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt and an aunt of former First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt. An accomplished poet and also the first woman to ever speak before a presidential nomination convention, Corinne reminds us to: `Stretch out our hand’s and take the world’s wide gift of Joy and Beauty.’ May you experience true joy today and always.

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