What Are Your Blocks To The Law of Attraction?

Have you ever reached in a drawer for a pen, been annoyed to learn it didn’t work, and thrown it back in the drawer as you searched for a different one? If you haven’t you are in the minority! The question this odd habit begs is,   `Why?’! Why do we hold on to things that serve no purpose in our lives? Where is the logic in cluttering up our drawers, closets, and garages with objects that add no positive influence to our lives, in fact, they are actually blocking our view from the very items we need to have in the forefront of our lives.

Consider for a moment the power of the sun in our world. It’s value is immeasurable, agreed? However, take a penny out of your pocket, close one eye, hold the penny about an inch from the open eye and look up at the sun. What did you discover? That by looking at, and holding on to so close, something virtually worthless, we can obliterate an awesome force from our view!

Realize that the same principle applies to our hearts and minds. If our thoughts and feelings are cluttered up with negative, unproductive objects, the positive things we need to be dwelling on will be lost in the shuffle, eventually to be weakened and forgotten. This must not happen! To fully achieve your life’s potential, you must get rid of the junk in both your heart and mind. Do you have unforgiveness? Give it the old heave hoe, it is only hurting you, and those around you who must deal with the bitterness it breeds. Are you hanging onto resentment? Clear it out, it attracts ill will and hard heartedness. Are you ungrateful? Sweep that one away as fast as you can! Being a thankless person is poisonous to your very soul. Go on through the inventory in your heart and mind, and one by one, release all of that negative energy. There are many techniques for bringing about this inner cleansing, choose the one that best suits you, and do it. Don’t delay. Holding onto negativity is the one sure way to make certain the Law of Attraction doesn’t work in a positive way in your life. Oh, the Law of Attraction itself will still work,  people will respond to you with unforgiveness, and bitterness, and thanklessness, but those aren’t the attributes you really want to cultivate are they?

You must make way for the fertile life awaiting you. You need to project a spirit of forgiveness, acceptance, and thankfulness. These are but a few of the countless examples of ways we can either open wide our hearts and minds to the Law of Attraction, or keep then tightly shut to the worthwhile possibilities it will bring the heart and mind prepared to receive it’s bounty.

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