Water and The Law of Attraction

Quantum physics seems to indicate that there are infinite possibilities available to us at all times.  Our beliefs, expectations and energy levels decide which possible reality we will experience.  By learning to raise your vibrational state, you make yourself available to grander possibilities.  Let’s discuss the process of raising your vibrational state using the simple but powerful medium of water.

Your vibrational state has a major effect on what realities you are able to perceive.  By this, I mean simply that if you are vibrating at a lower rate, you will experience lower-vibrational experiences.  If you are vibrating at a higher rate, you will experience higher-vibrational experiences.  Lower vibrations are equated to undesirable circumstances, and higher vibrations are related to lighter, happier circumstances.  When you learn to raise your vibrations, the things that happen in your daily life will become more interesting, less stressful, and more peaceful and exciting.

Of course, a large part of our vibration comes from what we put into our bodies.  Fast food is particularly heavy, and not conducive to high vibrations.  Healthy, vegetarian-style meals are far less heavy, and allow you to maintain higher vibrations more easily.  Your state of mind also influences your vibration – are you holding low-vibrational thoughts and feelings, or high-vibrational thoughts and feelings? 

In an amazing study, it has been found that water molecules alter when different intents are placed upon them.  The molecules in a bottle of water that has the word “Love” written on it take on a very pretty shape.  The molecules in a bottle of water with the word “Hate” written on it take on an ugly, disfigured shape.  The books of Masaru Emoto show actual magnified images and detail the ways in which water can be affected by emotion, intent, and thought.

As you know, the composition of our bodies mostly consists of water.  Our bodies are 75% water, and our brains are 85% water.  We must maintain hydration or we can die very quickly.  However, what if you influenced the water that you put into your body?  You could quickly raise your vibrational state simply by charging your water with intent before drinking it.  There are many ways you can do this.

If you are religious, say a prayer over your water.  If you know how to meditate, close your eyes and focus on raising the vibration of the water.  Otherwise, write your intent on a bottle of water a few hours before you drink it.  The longer water sits with intent, the more the molecules form into that intent.  Speak the word out loud to the water, as this has also been proven to work.  You may want to use words such as “Love”, “Peace”, “Unity”, “Prosperity”, “Abundance”, “Wealth”, “Good Health”, “Romance”, or any other positive word that you would like to charge your water with. 

For those of you able to raise the vibrations of water with your intent alone, do this with your food as well.  For the rest of you, make an effort to drink two or three intention-charged bottles of water each day.  You will quickly notice that you feel better, happier, and lighter.  When you saturate your body with water that has been charged with intention, you naturally alter your vibrational state, and the experiences that come to you will be of a higher nature.

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