Watch Your Mouth

As the Law of Attraction states, our thoughts and feelings create and attract our experiences in reality.  Yet, there are things about our lives we are not happy with.  It’s time to take a good hard look at the most probable villain behind this problem.

We’ve heard it over and over again: thoughts create reality.  Yes, thoughts are very powerful.  Thoughts inspire emotions, which create raw energy in the form of your intent.  This energy then becomes physical form or experience.  There’s one more key ingredient that many people leave out when talking about the Law of Attraction: the power of your word.

“In the beginning was the word…”  (John 1:1)  We’ve all heard it before.  However, how often do people stop and think about that statement?  Reality exists in varying states of vibration.  Our physical realm vibrates on a lower frequency than our mental realm, which vibrates much faster.  Our thoughts are a part of this realm, with a much higher frequency of vibration than physical reality.  Our bodies are part of the denser, slower-vibrating physical plane.  Yet, somehow, we are able to create our desires in the higher frequency and bring it into manifestation in the physical. 

Our word is a very unique device.  More powerful than a magic wand, our word is, in fact, the most powerful magickal tool available to us!  Is it hard to believe that the one thing we overlook and ignore the most is actually our most potent tool?  Look at the world around you – all the trouble, strife, war, greed… all of that is a result of misuse of the word.  As a species, humanity is constantly using black magic unconsciously, and you see the results in the chaos around you.  But why is the word so powerful?

Your word is the direct connection between your thought (higher-vibrational planes) and your body (lower-vibrational physical plane).  When you speak, you are bringing your thoughts out directly into the physical, into physical sound waves, charged with the intent behind the words which have been spoken.  Sound is energy – thus, this charged energy is immediately active in the physical plane.

When you say something, you create physical energy charged with your intent.  When you visualize, you charge higher energy and give it the intent to manifest, but when you speak, you immediately bring charged energy into the physical realm.  This intent-charged energy is now already vibrating in the physical sphere.  This energy will now manifest far more quickly than visualized energy.  In many cases, this energy will manifest almost immediately.  Have you ever said “where is so-and-so” and they immediately pop up? 

So we need to become aware of the power of our words.  When we speak, we are not just expressing ourselves outwardly.  We are creating our reality.  If you think about it, “expressing ourselves outwardly” basically means just that – the expression of our inner into our outer.  In fact, there are tons of clues like that in the language we use every day that we don’t catch simply because we aren’t paying attention.

So be very careful with the words you speak.  Thought manifests more slowly.  There is time to override negative thoughts.  But when you speak negative words, you have already brought that energy directly into the physical.  Watch your mouth!  This one tip can allow you to literally change your life overnight.  Good luck and happy yapping!

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