Visualizing prosperity

A popular advertising slogan is ‘You have to see it to believe it.’  This is also true in the quest for prosperity.  If you want to have money and fine things, you need to be able to picture yourself with these items.  If you can’t see yourself as wealthy and prosperous, your subconscious won’t be able to either, and will keep you from ever achieving that goal.

One good visualization exercise is to image if you had no limits to your financial situation, what would you do with an endless supply of money?

Imagine having that endless money supply and going shopping. What would you buy?  Who would you buy things for? Would you give money to charity?  Spend some time visualizing exactly what you would do, and how you would do it.  You should be able to actually see yourself spending the money. 

While this may just seem like a game of make believe, this is actually a major step on the path to prosperity.  In order to be able to receive large amounts of money and prosperity, you must believe you can receive large amounts of money. Many people put themselves in a rut where they think they can never have a lot of money, and could never picture themselves with such money.  If you can’t see yourself with money, the universe can’t either.

One of the ways to test if you are truly able to visualize yourself as prosperous is to go to a very upscale jewelry store. Ask to see a very expensive piece. When you hold it, feel that if you wanted it, you could have it.  Picture that if you really wanted this piece, it would be in your home.  You should not feel giggly or giddy, like a child playing a prank, but as a person who can have anything that is desired. 

While you are still on the path to the prosperity you seek, treat yourself as if you have already achieved it.  You deserve to see the best item in the store; you deserve to consider the best of all things available in the universe.

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