Visualization and the Law of Attraction

The old adage, `You don’t need to be a rocket scientist’ actually does apply to quantum physics! Your thoughts are things! Does that information stagger your consciousness? Your thoughts are actually creating your life! You, as the owner of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, are designing your reality every moment, awake or not. What you experience on a daily basis is a mirror reflection of that which you are focused on.

You do not need to travel to a high mountain in India to receive enlightenment, it already exists in your conceptual self. What you will need to do is discover for yourself the vehicle that most easily enables you to  visualize your dreams, and ultimately causes them to be manifested in reality. There are numerous tools available for your visualization needs. Power wheels, victory boards, and even a simple river rock can all help you deliberately direct your positive energy towards the life you desire.

The power wheel resembles a pizza, if you will, with a circle in the middle. In that circle you write down, or place a picture of, the desire you will be manifesting into actuality. Around the circle, in the `slices’ write down descriptions, or place more pictures of people who are already experiencing this specific type of success. Don’t generalize! If you are envisioning a home with a rock fireplace in the 1500 square foot master bedroom, do not allow your energy to wander vaguely! The Law of Attraction is extremely precise, as is any absolute truth, and it will not give you exactly what you want if your thoughts are less than concentrated. As you dwell devotedly on your power wheel be thankful for the home that will be, as if it already is. Imagine yourself decorating the home, entertaining in it, and especially experiencing the tranquility that only creating your own personal sanctuary can bring.

A victory board will generally be less structured than the power wheel, but with equally influential results. Purchase a poster board, or a bulletin board. Write extremely descriptive plans regarding your goal, and post these, along with photos or drawn images that coincide with your intentions. This visualizing tool is very similar to the power wheel in concept, but just as there are many different dreams, there must exist different tools that enable your positive energy to be funneled in the right direction, also. It is not important which tool you avail, it only matters that you have one, and you are faithful to the concentration of your emotions towards that ultimate objective.

How can a lowly river rock help you achieve wildly ambitious aspirations? Quite simply, you carry it with you consistently, and whenever you feel it in your pocket, remember to visualize your dream. Anything that keeps you focused, keeps you energized, and helps to maintain your joyful expectancy is worthy of your efforts as you discover for yourself which tool or tools work best for you. There is no right or wrong way to call the Law of Attraction into action on your behalf, there is only doing it, and beginning today!

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