Using Your Powerful Emotional Guidance System

At first, the Law of Attraction seems like a very difficult tool to use.  You need to change your thinking, become more positive, and remove negative thoughts that create negative things in your life.  But who has the time to monitor their every thought?  Not many of us, and luckily you don’t have to.  That’s where the power of the Emotional Guidance System comes into play.

Your emotions are far more powerful than you realize.  Your emotions, when backing thoughts, cause those thoughts to begin manifesting in reality.  Thoughts without emotion don’t tend to manifest.  But not only can you use your emotions, your excitement over your desires, to actually manifest them, but you can actually use your emotions to alter your entire thinking process.

You see, your emotions are actually tools that indicate how your current thinking process is affecting your life.  When your current thoughts are attracting negative things to you, or things that you do not want, those thoughts feel bad.  You will feel anxious, unnerved, angry, or sad.  When you are feeling anything negative, you need to immediately become aware of what you are currently thinking about.  Then, stop that thought process and begin thinking about something that makes you feel good.  Think about your family or your friends or your spouse or your kids or even your favorite hobby or a pet.

When you are feeling good, it is an indicator that your thoughts are currently attracting things into your life that you desire.  The more you are attracting what you desire, the better you feel.  Likewise, when you consciously sit and visualize on what you desire and imagine having or experiencing it, you naturally begin to feel good.  That’s what makes this whole Law of Attraction practice work.  Positive thoughts + positive emotions = manifestation of positive outcome.

So rather than attempt to sit and monitor every thought that rolls through your mind, begin becoming aware of the patterns of your thinking.  You may note that you have a tendency to daydream about negative things, things that you fabricate in your mind seemingly out of nowhere.  These may be negative happenings, negative events, or negative interactions.  By taking note of your thoughts when your emotions begin turning negative, you will start to notice these patterns.  Then you can begin redirecting them more quickly until you no longer succumb to these patterns of thinking at all.

At the same time, you will find your patterns of positive thought.  Reinforce these, prolong them, and expand upon them.  The thoughts that make you feel good are the ones that attract your desires and stir up your emotions (for power).  Focus as much energy into these thoughts and thought patterns as possible every day.

Before long, you will begin to see a big change in your life, as your negative manifestations dwindle and your positive manifestations thrive.  This is the power of the Emotional Guidance System – to change your entire life for the better very quickly by helping you to get a handle on your own thought patterns.

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