Using Vibration to Manifest Your Ideal Life

The entire physical world is nothing but a sea of vibrating particles.  We talk about “good vibes” and “bad vibes”, but what does that really mean?  How can we use the knowledge of vibration to create the reality we desire?

Happiness, love, joy, and compassion are emotions with high vibrations.  You feel “up-lifted”, or “high”, when you feel these things.  Lower vibrations include sadness, depression, anger or hatred.  These make you feel “low”, or feel “down”.  There are clues in the language we use every day. 

What we miss, however, is the power of these vibrations.  Our physical reality itself is nothing but wave upon wave of vibrations, all of which exist in the same space but are separated by their frequency.  Our human energy system, consisting of our body, mind and emotions, is basically a radio tuner.  We can tune into higher vibrations, or we can tune into lower ones.  Most of us tune in somewhere in the middle.  However, all of physical reality around you will reflect only the vibrational bracket that you are tuning in. 

This means that by attuning ourselves to lower vibrations, we in fact exist in a reality where things are bad, and bad things happen to us or around us all the time.  Likewise, by attuning ourselves to higher vibrations, we actually experience a different flow of events, where things go well and things are fun and peaceful.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.  This is true, but in many instances the events that you will experience aren’t just attracted to you because they are similar.  In fact, you can not experience the better event because you are tuning in to a lower reality.  This is why long-term negative thinking can be so dangerous.  When you create a negative reality, it is very difficult to begin the process of positive thinking and feelings that can elevate you into higher-vibrational experiences. 

Like attracts like actually means that you will experience the types of things on the level of vibration that most closely matches your own.  What you must do is increase your vibrational frequency little by little and step up the ladder.  In one day there may be three different possible events that could occur to you.  The one that will occur for you will be the one attuned most closely to your energy.  So if you happened to be in a good mood that day, you don’t hit that nail.  But if you’re in a crappy mood, you blow your tire.

What we want to do is to become aware of this and make it work in our favor.  Attempt to curtail negative feelings as quickly as you can, and think of as many positive things as possible.  Remember funny things that happen.  Think about people you care about.  Imagine your ideal future.  All of these things bring your energy back into a good state.  Music is another powerful elevator – great music can put you back into a good mood in the worst of days. 

Focus on keeping your vibrations high, and notice that as you do so, things go smoother.  Better things happen to you, and bad things will simply not happen.  It’s really amazing what the power of vibration can do once you are aware of it!  Keep your vibrations high and your life experiences will be the best possible.  By making this a long-term habit, you absolutely can not fail to manifest your ideal life.  Best of luck!

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