Update your Treasure Map

Just like a street map as new construction is done, your treasure map also needs to be updated over time as you construct new pieces of your path to prosperity.

Once you have created a treasure map for your goals, you cannot just put it aside and expect it to progress through life with you.

When we create goals and plans for our lives, as we move forward and have new experiences, our views of the future and what we want from it will change.  It is important to make sure your treasure mapping project is also changed accordingly or the path you want for prosperity and the one you end up on may be different as new roads have been formed and old ones have been closed off.

Remember, a treasure map is your way to take your goals and requests to the universe and make them visual, and tangible, in something you can hold in your hands and look at every day.  But if you don’t change it as your plans change, you are sending mixed signals to the universe. 

Consider your treasure map like a project map that is given out to a work team.  If management has decided on a change in the final project, but never changed the project map, they are not going to get what they are hoping for, and will disappointed that the end result is not quite what they expected it would be during the evolution of the project scope.

Your work team is the universe. As you use the Law of attraction to ask the universe to bring goals and prosperity to you, the clearest image you can give is the best way to get exactly what you want.  Therefore, make sure the image your treasure map is creating, and any changes you have made in your goals, match.

At least once a week look closely at your treasure map. Do all the pictures in it still accurately represent what you want your goal to look like when it comes to fruition? If not, pluck the less than perfect pictures off the board, and replace them with new ones that show your future the way you want it to be.

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