Understanding the Law of Attraction

Defining the Law of Attraction is simple.   

What you think about, and believe, you will attract to you.  This can be an attraction of positive and great things in one’s life, or negative and bad things.

Do you know someone who always talks about how they’re sick of being ill, and can’t get a break from one illness and injury to the next?  They are bringing the illness upon themselves by focusing on always being sick.  The more they believe they are always going to be sick, the more the universe will manifest illness for them.

In the same respect, people you know who always talk about how broke they are, are always broke.  Even if they get a bonus or make decent money, something always happens to take that money away from them.  Since they have put the thought out there that they are always broke, the universe is simply bringing that thought to fruition, by always taking money away when they have it.

On the other side of the coin, do you know a person who does not seem to see any boundaries to their accomplishments? They always believe they can succeed in anything that comes their way, and they do.  This is the person who is flying up the corporate ladder, getting bonuses and perks as they go.  Since they believe they should always be getting more from life, the universe indeed delivers more to them.

Once you understand the Law of Attraction, you should be able to understand how to make it work for you.  The first priority is to remove negative thoughts from your life. Even a little negative thought can bring little negative results that can push you back on your path to prosperity.

Once you know the path you want your life to take, think about that course, think about being successful, and picture your success. This is not always easy. If you are used to a negative outlook it will take some time to switch to a positive mindset. But once you believe in your positive future and put those positive thoughts out to the universe it will manifest them for you.

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