Two Awesome NLP Tricks for the Law of Attraction

For anyone studying the Law of Attraction, Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, can be an incredibly useful subject.  NLP is the study of using of the mind and language to bring about change in a person’s habits, thoughts, feelings and experience.  There are a few particular tricks that really help when visualizing with the intent of manifesting your desires.

The first trick is to use submodalities to heighten your emotional response.  When people visualize, they form pictures or movies in their mind.  Actually, you will find that people often create these pictures externally, which explains why some have more difficulty visualizing with their eyes closed.  What NLP teaches us about these mental pictures and movies is that we can control them in order to change the way we feel about them.

Modalities for our purposes are the major senses and submodalities are the variances possible within each.  Visually speaking, your submodalities would be size, brightness, color, etc.  For hearing, submodalities would include pitch, volume, and tone.  By taking control of the submodalities for your mental pictures, you can vastly increase or diminish your emotional response to them.

For instance, have you ever heard someone say they had a problem they needed distance from?  They had a mental picture that was too close.  How about, “can’t see the big picture for the details?”  They are zoomed in too much to one part of the picture.  Likewise, you can use these submodalities to increase your emotional responses.  When you are visualizing your desires, try making the movie bigger, brighter, and louder.  You will notice your emotions will become much stronger, granting you greater energy towards your manifestations.

The second great NLP trick to know for manifesting is the practice of anchoring.  Anchoring works by touching a part of your body.  The exact spot, pressure, and type of touch all play into an anchor.  The more nerve endings there are in an area of the body, the more precise your touch will have to be.  You can anchor an emotional response, so that by touching that anchor again later, you will begin experiencing the same emotions again.

To use this in your visualization, wait until your emotions are stirring up.  Use submodalities to increase your emotional response to the mental movies and pictures you are forming about having what it is you wish to manifest.  When your emotions are high, choose an anchor (pinch your right knee, clasp your shoulder, etc).  The next time you are beginning to visualize, trigger the anchor and you will have a much easier time.

You can also use what is called a sliding anchor.  For example, when you begin to experience excitement about having your desire, touch your fingertip to your knee.  When your excitement goes up a notch, slide your fingertip an inch or two up your knee.  Doing this, you can set an anchor where you touch your knee, trigger the emotion, and then heighten it by sliding your finger up the same path as before.

Give these two NLP tricks a try, and your manifestation efforts will pay off much faster!  You may even find some applications for these techniques outside of manifesting (what happens if you take a mental image of something that scares or depresses you and turn down the brightness, shrink the picture and push it further away from you?).  Enjoy!

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