Treasure Mapping

If you are having a little difficulty visualizing your new life of prosperity, you may need to do some treasure mapping.

If you have not heard of treasure mapping, you may now be picturing something relating to pirates and lost treasure.  That’s not quite it, but it is a way to reach your ultimate treasure – goal realization.

Treasure mapping is taking your goals and making them come to life in front of you. By putting them in living color, your mind and psyche are more readily capable of accepting them and making them part of your created reality.  The picture created in your mind is real according to your subconscious. And bridging the gap from the created reality to the real thing is just a small step.

For goal treasure mapping you are going to need a poster-board.  If you have just one main goal, write that somewhere on the board. If you have a few goals you are trying to reach simultaneously, you can use a marker to divide the board into the appropriate number of sections. Then write each goal in its section. If you have an affirmation of the goal you are seeking, you can write this in the area as well.

Now you need to cut out pictures, words, articles and other things that you find in newspapers, magazines or other sources to create a visual image that makes you feel like you have reached your goal.  When appropriate you should put yourself in the treasure map.  Take pictures of yourself, and put your face in the midst of the good feelings that you would have upon reaching your goal.

For example, if one of your goals is to be able to afford the vacation you have always wanted, find pictures of the places you want to see, there may also be pictures that show you have acquired the money to get there, and you could put your face on a happy person enjoying their time, such as on a body that is in a lounge chair at the beach watching a tropical sunset.

Make sure to look at your treasure mapping project every day. The more you can visualize your goals and clearly see them, the sooner you will see them manifest in real life.

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