Tools For Attracting

When working with the Law of Attraction, there are many tools that you can utilize to get better, faster results.  There are both internal and external tools which will give you an edge and allow you to move forward with positive results.  Let’s look at a few of these tools and how you can use them to improve your attraction work.

Great examples of external tools are manifestation lists, posters, and rituals.  Some internal tools include meditation, energy raising, hypnosis, and astral projection.  There are many others, but let’s take a quick peek at these and see how they can help you to manifest your desires.

A manifestation list is very simple.  Just write down all of the things that you want, prioritize them, and then begin working on the top items in your visualization sessions.  Work your way down the list, spending the most time on the items at the top, and crossing items off as you are successful.  A list gives you solidarity and direction, and as you cross off the items you successfully attract, you can see just how well the Law is working for you.

A manifestation poster is similar.  Find pictures of the things you desire and put them together on a poster.  Hang it where you can see it every day.  When you look at the poster, you will feel excitement and anticipation.  Focusing on the poster and feeling these things will help you in attracting them.  Visual aids are very powerful, and can infiltrate your subconscious, which will help you to manifest even more quickly.

Rituals are special in that they are things that you do, rather than create.  A ritual really only needs to do three things.  One, it needs to stand out from your daily life as something special, something sacred and/or important.  Two, it needs to utilize your senses and your thoughts and emotions to bring energy into your desire.  Finally, it needs to allow you to release all of your built up energy into the universe, leaving you back in your normal daily life while the universe goes to work attracting what you want.

On the internal side, things get more interesting.  Meditation is a skill that can be used for thousands of things.  Internal peace, control, discipline, ecstasy… there is no one thing meditation does.  However, by learning to meditate you learn to focus and control your thoughts.  This is an indirect result of learning to silence your thoughts.  Meditating on your desire is more powerful than your average Law of Attraction visualization – it is more focused and thus more potent.

As you are learning meditation, you can begin raising your energy.  This is where you visualize energy moving into your body, generally accompanying your breathing.  By raising your energy, you will keep a more positive vibration at all times, regardless of circumstances.  This makes it far easier to attract positive, peaceful circumstances, as you will not be as easily shaken and will already be in a positive attraction mode

Finally, astral projection is learning the art of out-of-body (or inner-mind) travel.  You learn to fully move your consciousness from your outer-body-reality into your spirit, and lose all of the restrictions of the physical universe.  Once you are experiencing on the plane of thought itself, it is far easier to create and attract the things that you want, because you can see, feel, taste and touch them as you visualize them!

Look into some of the above tools, whichever interest you.  There are many excellent sources in the book stores and online for each of them.  Find the ones that you enjoy most and stick to them.  You will thank me later.

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