Three Sure Ways to Create Lack in Your Life

When you try to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, you probably focus on techniques like affirmations and visualizations, as well as staying receptive to opportunities on a daily basis.

These are all great ways of attracting greater wealth into your life, but you may also want to be sure you aren’t counteracting these positive activities with lack-inducing behavior!

Here are three (tongue-in-cheek) ways to attract lack into your life:

1) Keep affirming that you don’t have “enough.”

Every time you allow yourself to feel anxious about your finances, fearful about not having enough money, or resentful because others seem to have more than you do, you are affirming your belief in “not enough.”

If you want to turn this around, you will need to overcome your existing beliefs and change them to reflect an unwavering belief in “more than enough.”  Whenever you begin to feel fearful about lack, affirm aloud, “I always have more than enough (money, time, confidence, resources, etc.)”  Keep reinforcing this new belief daily, or whenever a lack perception rears its ugly head.  It takes pretty strong effort, but if you can push through the uneasiness and affirm with faith that you always have more than enough, you attract a positive flow of abundance.

Another good way to create lack in your life is to:

2) Avoid taking action . . . on anything.

One unfortunate side effect of a lack mind-set is a strong sense of defeat and futility about your circumstances.  You feel like there’s nothing you can do to turn it around, so you don’t do anything.  Or you do know something you can do to get the ball rolling, but the thought of actually doing it frightens you, so you keep holding back.

In order to break out of this cycle, you’ll need to push yourself a little harder to take focused action.  It doesn’t matter on what you take action really, as long as it moves you in the direction you want to be moving.  If you want a better paying job, take action on getting one.  Apply to better jobs, and ask around about better jobs.  Your actions don’t have to be earth-shattering or exceedingly difficult.  If it frightens you to think about taking a large step, take a small one.  Push yourself out of your comfort zones little by little.

Want still more lack?  Then be sure to:

3) Spend money you don’t have.

One common thing that many people do is try to feel wealthy by spending money they don’t have.  They use their credit card or personal loans in order to fund a more comfortable lifestyle, but they don’t realize that they are creating an energy deficit at the same time!  Big mistake!  You can’t fool the universe by “pretending” to be wealthy.  You have to instead focus on becoming wealthy from the inside, out.  When you are encouraged to adopt a wealth mind-set, it doesn’t mean spending money at the rate a wealthy person would!  It means learning to think and feel as a wealthy person does.  This might involve feeling confident, rich, blessed, relaxed, generous, etc.

These three prosperity-killers are just the tip of the iceberg.  Just like lack creation is a very simple and automatic process, so also can be wealth creation!  It just depends what you want to focus on the most – and what you think, feel and DO in your daily life.

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