The Pleasure of Tithing

When it comes time for the weekly tithing, do you consider it something you have to do? Or something you enjoy doing? Tithing should not be an obligation. You should be happy to give a tithing, as an appreciation for the money that God has brought into your life. When you consider the fact that you give 10 percent back to the church each week, think of the 90 percent you have received. How great that you have been blessed with being able to make enough money to be able to give a good tithing to the church, or your spiritual teacher. You should bless the tithing as you send it to do good work.
Once you appreciate being able to tithe 10 percent, and look forward to sending the money out to do good, you will notice that the other 90 percent of your money will go further and make better things happen in your life.
It is part of the circle of giving and receiving. You must give in order to receive. Give that tithe happily, knowing it will come back to bless you.
In addition to tithing, remember to give charitably when you can. This can be in the form of a donation to a charity like the Red Cross or American Cancer Society, or in the form of a few extra dollars you give to someone who has performed a service for you, like a bellhop or a waiter.
When you feel you cannot give, because things are too tight, that is the best time to open up even more. Again, by sending money or prosperity out to others, you are inviting it to multiply and come back to you. When you find yourself in a situation where you think money is too tight, say your denials and affirmations and give. It could be cleaning out the closet and giving things you no longer need to others, volunteering your time, or turning over your penny jar to a charity. That motion of giving to others opens channels for you to receive.
Also in the giving to others, you will feel a repayment in your soul. That is something money cannot buy.

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