The Law of Attraction and Money

Some wonder if the Law of Attraction should be used to ask for money.  They think that asking for more "politically correct" items such as health or love would be a more appropriate use of the Law of Attraction.

But, let’s think about this. In order to have health, you need money to purchase the foods that will keep your body healthy.  If you do take ill, you need the money to pay for any medical attention you may need to speed your recovery.

If every day is a struggle to survive, it is harder to feel and appreciate love.  If you are worried about keeping a roof over your head, food in your belly, and being able to take care of your daily responsibilities, the weight of these stresses make it harder for you to be open to the love that fills the air around you.

Therefore, using the Law of Attraction to ask for money is simultaneously asking for love and health, and the other positive aspects of life that money can make it easier to purchase or experience.

In our upbringing we have often been taught that money is bad, that it is the root of evil.  Indeed, some can choose to use money to further evil causes, but it is not the money that is evil, it is the way it is used by the person who has it. 

Consider narcotics.  Some drugs, such as opium have been found to have great medicinal uses and are regularly used to heal people and help those who are getting medical attention feel less pain.  But it is once those drugs fall into bad hands and are used incorrectly that they take on a negative connotation. 

It’s not the money that is bad; it is the intentions of those who are asking for it. 

If you are working to better your life, further yourself, and use your abilities and skills to give back to the universe, asking the universe for the money that will help you reach that goal is a good use of the Law of Attraction.

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