The Art of Prosperity

Many of us work better with visual assistance then just mentally picturing things.  If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, you must clearly be able to picture the things you want, the prosperity you deserve and picture yourself with those things.

If you have a tough time with this, it is time to create a little prosperity artwork.

This project will take you back to your childhood days, but that’s what we want. It will also take you back to your childhood imagination where anything is possible, and that is what you need to experience.

We’re going to build a collage.

Gather a number of recent newspapers (especially the Sunday advertisements) and magazines that have the kind of things you would like to have (beautiful houses, clothes, cars, etc), and some happy pictures of yourself. You will also need something to put these together on, this could be simple pieces of paper that can go into a scrapbook, and old kleenex box, a shoebox, or a piece of posterboard.

Go through the magazines and newspapers and find things that to you represent prosperity and abundance.  What things would you purchase if money was no option. What things would make you happy.  Cut those items out and put them in a stack.

Now we are going to begin to assemble them.

In the center of the page, you need to put an image of yourself. After all, what is going to draw all of these things together? Your prosperity and abundance.

Now place the things you have cut out around your image, and glue them all into place in a collage.  You can also use markers and pens to write words of insperation on the page.

Once you are done, you can get a clear image of the kinds of things you would like to bring to yourself through the Law of Attraction.  Look at all the things that you have put into the collage. Also look at yourself in the middle. Picture yourself with all these items.

As you work towards realizing your prosperity goals, you should use this piece of art for visualization.  Every day look at it, then close your eyes and imagine your life with this prosperity and abundance.

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One thought on “The Art of Prosperity”

  1. I have read through your website and I love the easy to follow instructions of following the Law of Attraction. I have passed this website on to many of my friends who are learning about the law of attraction but are having problems with applying it to life.
    Thank you for the easy to use instructions , you are on my favorite list so I can check back often.
    Continue to be blessed,

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