The Power of Your Breath

Breathing is the most fundamental element of life.  Without breath, you die quickly.  Yet, many of you are unaware of some of the hidden powers of your breath.  Breathing can be used to promote good health, learn to meditate, quiet the mind and focus.  Breathing can change your state of mind almost instantly (“calm down, take a deep breath”).  Let’s discuss some of the ways that you can harness the power of your breath to make changes in your internal and external reality.

If you have a baby or a very young child, watch them breathe.  If not, watch a pet breathe.  You will notice that when babies and animals breathe, their stomachs rise and fall.  You may also note that when most adults breathe, their chests rise and fall.  There is an essential difference in breath between these two.  Breathing is the core of life; the breath is your connection between your higher-vibrational, nonphysical self and your physical self.  When we were growing up, we began to change the way that we breathed.  In times of fear or stress, we learned to breathe in a shallow fashion, as shallow breath cuts off emotions.  When we breathe deeply, we reconnect our emotional body to our physical.  So for starters, if you have difficulty in visualization practices with getting your emotions involved, you might want to try deeper breathing.

Take a deep breath – don’t stop with your chest.  Take a breath deep into your lungs, and let the exhale happen automatically.  Most of us put our energy into the exhale, and allow the inhale to happen automatically.  Reverse this process – put conscious effort into drawing a deep breath, and then allow the lungs to expel it naturally.  Find some time each day to sit and breathe deeply.  This deceptively simple exercise will yield tremendous results.  Past trauma, fears, and memories both pleasant and unpleasant may arise.  Simply notice them, but do not get drawn into them.  Continue breathing deeply.

Your body has stored emotional energy and memories that will be released by these exercises, so be patient with yourself.  Eventually, these will all be released and your body will begin to fill with warm, healing light as you breathe.  You will be more relaxed in your daily life and your immune system will be much stronger. 

You can also learn to meditate using your breath.  In your exercises, while breathing deeply, focus intently on the breath as it comes in and out.  Do this for as long as you can – you will get better as you practice.  The focus you learn to exhibit in your breathing exercises is the same focus you need for anything – meditation, visualization, healing, etc.  Learning to clean out your energy body and breathe deeply has astounding results on your mental and physical health, and this will become apparent to you very quickly.

Finally, you can use your breath to change the way you are feeling.  If you notice you are tense, angry, upset, or fearful, stop and take some deep breaths.  This relaxes you, cleans out your energy, and will help you to center your mind and emotions.  Attempt to catch yourself throughout your day when your breathing is shallow, and stop and reinforce deep, natural breathing.

When you become a conscious breather, the power of life itself will be behind you.  End the habit of shallow breath and empower yourself with healthy breathing.  Your happiness, peace of mind and physical health will be worth it.

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