The power of focus.

To get thing done in life we must learn to focus. Focusing on the task at hand increases productivity and the quality of our results.

Focusing on our work as an employee will increase our value to the boss and result in increased job security and promotion.

If we work for ourselves focusing on the task at hand means we get more done and either enjoy a shorter working day or earn more money.

Focusing on our family will bring about a more loving and rewarding relationship with our loved ones. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture.

Focus is a matter of motivation it’s easy to stay focused when driving a sports car at speed you have motivation if you don’t focus you crash and die.

A lion stalking a zebra on the African savannah is a picture of concentration and focus because it’s motivated by hunger.

It’s not so easy to stay focused when the prize or danger is not clear or is too far in the distance. It’s not easy to stay focused at work when your motivation is to get promoted sometime in the future.

So to stay focused the prize or danger must be clear in our minds we must have a goal and this goal must have a deadline. Your goal must be constructed as a plan. For example I will stay focused and disciplined at work and within 6 month I will get promoted.

That’s of course a very simple plan and to motivate yourself on a day to day basis you should have sub goals constructed around specific project or tasks.

As we all know even with a goal and a clear reward in sight it’s not always easy to stay focused in order to keep on track you need to use the twin powers of pain and pleasure. Everything we do in life is to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

To keep focused you must associate either great pain with not reaching your goal or great pleasure in achieving it. If you want to focus on your health and change your unhealthy eating patterns, associating the pain of dying and not seeing your grandchildren growing up, would be great motivator.

If your goal is to get promoted at work. Concentrating on the extra money you will earn and picturing the great holiday you can enjoy with your fatter pay packets will do the trick.

The most powerful way of staying focused on any task is to be clear in your mind of both the pleasure reaching your goals will bring and also the painful results of failure.

List in your mind or better still on paper all pleasurable results staying focused and reaching your goal will bring into your life. Don’t just do this intellectually use your emotions and actual feel the pleasure.

Then do exactly the same with the other great motivator pain.  Some people are more motivated by the prospect of pleasure and others by the threat of pain. When you know what motivates you, you can use that knowledge to keep yourself focused.

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