The Outer Illusion – The Inner Reality

Look at the world around you.  Look at the circumstances, the events, and the people in your life.  All of this is nothing more than a projection of your inner being.  The outside world is an illusion.  A big, beautiful, complex illusion, but an illusion nonetheless.  In this illusion you can see, smell, taste, hear, and feel.  You can feel excruciating pain, indescribable ecstasy, and just about anything in between.  The illusion is as real as you want it to be.  It won’t stop just because you recognize it as an illusion.

Ironically, the reality is within you, not outside of you.  All of the pain, pleasure, joy, love and everything else you can imagine is within your very being.  You’ve always heard people say, “The answers are within you”, right?  Well, they truly are!  After birth, we spend most of our time acclimating to this external environment in which we seem to live.  No wonder it is so difficult to perceive our internal realities – we have focused for years exclusively on the external.  We look for our answers outside of ourselves, in books, people, and events.  Little do we realize that the external events and information that we come across is being generated from within ourselves.

But what value comes from recognizing the external world as illusion and acknowledging the internal world?  The external world, at least to the extent of our current understanding, is very real.  Every day we see, smell, hear, taste, and feel all of the sensations that our external world has to offer.  We can touch the objects and feel them, how can that not be real?  And more so, if it isn’t real, does it even matter?  We seem to be stuck in this reality anyway.

The important thing is to realize that everything comes from within.  All of the answers you need are within you.  You will continue living in the world of maya, but learning to access your inner being is of utmost importance.  Instead of seeking, seeking, seeking outside of yourself, you need to learn to meditate deeply.  You need to learn to shut off your mind, which is little more than a very noisy distraction that keeps you cemented firmly in the physical illusion.  Once you are able to quiet that beast, you will begin to experience your internal universe, which is full of far more wonder than even the external.  You can find the answers to all of your questions, the answers to your very desires, inside yourself.  You can receive guidance, advice, and instruction. 

That’s the part that is important – learning to turn within.  Your external life will be greatly enhanced as you connect to your inner reality, as the external reality is nothing but a projection of your inner worlds.  Learn to still your mind, look within, and re-connect with your true spirit, which is infinite, all-knowing and all-permeating.  You can also begin to see the external world more as it truly is, and the infinite possibilities will become more apparent.  The more you recognize the illusory nature of the external world, the less you will feel bound by the supposedly unbendable laws of nature.  Good luck and happy inner seeking!

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