The Meditational Mentality of the Bubble Bath

Can you stop your mind at will?  Can you become internally and externally quiet whenever you want to?  Can you relax immediately, drop all of the pressures and stresses of your day, and be at peace whenever you want?  Unless you have spent a lot of time practicing meditation, you are probably answering “no” to the above.  Yet, do you realize how powerful a meditational mentality is when working with the Law of Attraction?  There is a way forward for those of you who haven’t learned to meditate.  The answer is interesting and also amusing: take a bubble bath.

You may be accustomed to stressing during your daily showers or baths, but I doubt that you have yet made a habit of stressing in a bubble bath.  Don’t feel bad – most of us don’t think to pour in a cap full of bubbles when we are busy analyzing our stressful lives.  Allow me to show you how something as simple as a bubble bath can yield you tremendous results in manifesting your desires.

Set aside a time when you have at least thirty minutes to yourself.  If you don’t own any, buy a cheap bottle of bubble bath, or find one that has a scent you enjoy.  If you feel really indulgent, find some aromatic bath balls that dissolve in the tub.  Many of these also make the water feel softer, and can create a more relaxing experience.  Run yourself a bath, and fill it with bubbles.  Soak in the tub for about ten minutes, as your mind will need a little time to unwind and relax.  What you will find, possibly to your surprise, is that your mind will relax very quickly, and you will experience the peaceful “ahhhh” of true relaxation. 

Once you find that you are just soaking, just relaxing, and just enjoying yourself, now is the time to begin working on your Law of Attraction visualizations.  It is easy to go from a relaxed, peaceful state of being into fantasizing about having everything you want.  There will be no negative internal voice back talking as there often is in your stressful daily life.  You will not find your fantasy derailing onto what your mind considers a more “realistic” track, which is another way of saying that you are countering yourself in your visualization efforts.  In fact, all of the conscious and subconscious resistances you may be used to experiencing when attempting to visualize will have melted away, and you will visualize with a purity that you may not have experienced for years. 

The bubble bath is an excellent way to truly release yourself from the daily stress that encompasses so many of us.  There are many other ways as well.  Find any relaxing, indulgent activity that you generally pass on.  Things that you would like to do “later”, or perhaps “when on vacation”.  Do those things now!  Allow your energy to even out, and allow yourself to relax and feel good.  Make a habit of doing this in whatever form you most enjoy at least a few times each week.  The really cool part is when you find that you are able to take some of this relaxation with you into your stressful daily activities.  With the flick of a mental switch, you may find yourself able to turn of your stress without having to try.  It works in meditation but it works equally well with any form of relaxation.  When practiced on a regular basis, you begin to experience benefits outside of your relaxation times.

When practicing visualizations, purity and peace of being is essential.  You will find that your new bubble bath habit allows you far more success with the Law of Attraction, and more and more of your life will begin to adapt itself to your more relaxed state of being.  Ultimately, you will lower the stress in your life almost entirely, and no matter what you are faced with, you will be able to face it with a centered, peaceful feeling inside you. 

Don’t wait until you forget what I am suggesting.  Make an effort to give this a shot today!  You will be shocked at how easily you are able to relax and get into the right meditational mindset needed for visualization.  Good luck, and may your every wish come true!

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