The Love Journey – Or Not

When working on attracting the love of your life, there are a couple of different ways that things might go down.  It may be that you are in the right place in your life to attract your loved one.  In some cases however, you’re not quite ready.  In these cases, the Law of Attraction will start you on a journey to further evolve yourself until the point that you are ready to meet your partner. 

It can be frustrating to attempt to attract your soul mate with seemingly no success.  Things may even have become tougher in your life since you began.  You may seem further from manifesting your desires than ever before.  This is a good indication that the Law of Attraction is working to evolve you.  Tough times cause you to shift your consciousness, thinking in new ways, perceiving things anew.  You may be learning how to deal with things, to overcome nasty habits, or to change your usual patterns of thought.  In all of these cases, you will ultimately derive great benefit, so allow the process to unfold naturally.  If you kick and scream, it will only slow you down.

Instead, become more conscious of the process.  Whenever you encounter difficulty in your life, stop and ask what it is that you can learn from this experience.  If you become more aware and allow yourself to learn and catch on faster, then this journey will be much easier and faster for you.  If however you continue to stumble through your day, cursing unpleasant situations, it is likely to take a while.  Accept the process and work with it, and the difficult situations will disappear.  Furthermore, you will attract your mate more quickly.

Of course, there’s the other side of the coin.  Many of you may already be in the perfect place in your life to welcome your loved one.  If this is the case, then working on attracting them will yield some pretty quick results.  Be prepared for your person to enter your life in a surprising way, and be ready for them to take center stage.  Once the right person shows up, they will appear to glow and will stand out against everything else.  You will have a gut feeling, and they will too.  Coming together will be easy.

Whether you have a journey ahead of you or not in attracting your ideal mate, just remember that your work with the Law of Attraction is going to attract that person to you.  Don’t give in to worry, despair, or impatience – allow your love to move into your life in just the right way at just the right time.  Good luck!

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One thought on “The Love Journey – Or Not”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the info. I have a question about someone I am seeing. I met him 6 months ago and literally prayed for him, details and all and in less then 1 month we went on our first date December 28th. There is no doubt in my mind where he came from. We have had our share of wrenches thrown into the mix. I was diagnosed with Breast Cansor on February 14th and when I met him he was healing from a painful divorce and starting a very large new company. Oh yea, I was out of work with 2 homes no money and he has little girls and his soon to be ex would not let him see them. He left the house and never thought he would ever divorce, sort of like I never thought I would get cancer. We were 2 wrecks. But there is a safety with him and a kismit kind of I have known you for much longer then we have actually have been together. I remind him of his favorite family member, his grandmother and he reminds me of home. Warm and safe. I love him in a way that is kind and real. I have seen him at his worse and he at mine. I haven’t seen him in 6 weeks. Between my radiation and his schedule and everything else I have taken a step back. I don’t know what 2 wrecks equal in the end of all of this. I want to get strong again and run into him when he is strong again. I feel like I want to surrender this special human being back to the gods and just see what happens. Can you help me with this?

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