The Law of Attraction: Money in the Making

When using the Law of Attraction, what could be a more common goal than to attract money?  Money buys things we enjoy, money can buy us time, and ultimately money can buy us freedom.  They say money can’t buy happiness, but money can provide almost all of the elements that constitute happiness.  With freedom of time and freedom of finances comes the freedom of choice.  Isn’t that what makes most of us truly happy?  Having the freedom of choice to do what we want when we want?

And so, using the Law of Attraction, you can attract all of the wealth and abundance into your life that you deserve.  Now remember that money is a means, and that the money itself isn’t all that exciting.  When visualizing, visualize yourself with the ends, not the means.  Visualize yourself flying to the Bahamas, or playing on the beach.  Visualize yourself skydiving, surfing, or doing whatever it is you would do if you had the time and money to do what you wanted.  Feel free to visualize yourself buying whatever you want.  Make sure that in your visualization, money is never a problem.

By focusing more on the ends (freedom of time, freedom of choice) and allowing the means to simply be a no-problem part of your mental movie, you will begin attracting those freedoms.  Since those freedoms require money, you will naturally attract money.  Keep an eye out for any signs the universe sends you, as it may be necessary for you to take action where appropriate.  Once you put the energy out there and the universe begins working for you, you need to remain alert!

The universe and your subconscious mind are intimately linked.  You need to send clear messages to both that you value money and that money is important to you.  That means reaching over to pick up pennies in the parking lot, etc.  Otherwise, be it a penny or thousand dollar bill, you are sending a message to your subconscious and the universe that you don’t need/want/value money.  It has been said that Bill Gates will stop to pick up a dollar on the sidewalk.  That was meant to be a display of his greed, but in fact what that story illustrates is his wealth-centric state of mind.  Similar things have been said of Donald Trump.  What a shame it would be to be in the same boat with two wealthy fellows such as those!

Finally, once you have placed your order of wealth to the universe, relax but remain ever alert.  Sometimes it seems by the very act of remaining alert, the universe is able to meet your desires more quickly.  Otherwise you may miss the opportunities.  Take each moment in your daily life as a personal message from the universe to you, and watch for anything out of the ordinary that may contain the seed for your desire to become manifest.  Good luck!

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