The Law of Attraction Loves a Forgiving Spirit

Dr John Gray, noted relationship expert, author of over 20 books, and contributor to the movie The Secret,  describes unforgiveness this way : `It’s like taking poison every day, and expecting the other person to get sick!’. Wow, what a brilliant analogy! Carrying around bitterness, grudges, hard feelings, and an spirit of unforgiveness only weighs down the person who chooses to keep these feelings festering inside them. It is as if each morning you wake anew, and decide not to take a shower, don’t use any cologne or lotions, and then dress in new clothes to go out for the day. There is something rotten under all that newness, and it won’t be long before what’s inside becomes noticeable to those around you!

Take some time to consider the times in your life that you have been hurt, disappointed, misused, and even outright abused. May I tell you that you are not alone? May I impress upon you that we live in a world where other people will hurt us, either deliberately, or quite accidentally, and then go along their way as if it never happened. I realize you are waiting for an apology. I understand you believe you have every right to demand one. I appreciate that you may be justified in your hurt and angry feelings. What I don’t understand is how these feelings are best serving you. It is impossible to live a fully positive and productive life, the one the Law of Attraction and it’s infinite power have waiting for you to claim, with all that negativity in your heart.

I suggest you take inventory of the past hurts in your life. If it helps you to visualize this, please actually write them down, one by one, until you are certain they are all on paper. Now take that paper to a large, beautiful bowl of water and let it float. Watch the water blur the ink, and watch the paper dissolve to nothingness. Depending on the type of paper you used, this may take a bit of time, however you did not gain all that bitterness in one moment, so spend some time watching it leave you. Accept that nothing good will be attained through holding on to those feelings, and allow the water, as it dissolves the paper, to also cleanse your spirit. When the paper has fully dissolved the paper, take the bowl outside, and pour the water onto a bush, by a tree, any place where it can be returned to nature for a good purpose.

Now, you have so much more room in your heart, mind and soul to fully and deeply breathe in the wonderment that is your life. `Life is what we are alive to. It is not length, but breadth. Be alive to goodness, kindness, purity, love, history, poetry, music, flowers, stars, God, and eternal hope.’, this from  Maltbie Babcock, moralist writer from the early 1900s.

And finally, from Desmond Tutu:  `Without forgiveness, there’s no future’.

May your future be as bright as your dreams can imagine.

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One thought on “The Law of Attraction Loves a Forgiving Spirit”

  1. Hi there!
    I heard the same thing from James Ray on Oprah the other day..
    And it’s quite true huh?
    But did you hear the one where he said forgiving someone is when you tell that someone :
    Thank you for giving me this experience.
    Very nice huh?
    To Constant & Never-Ending Improvement,

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