The Law of Attraction in Your Power Circle

A circle of power, as it relates to the Law of Attraction, is a group of like minded individuals, who have purposed in their hearts, along with you, to meet regularly to join forces in your directional focus towards positive power and energy. The number in your circle may vary, and only you can decide what the ideal number may be. The Bible tells us that where two or more are gathered, God is there among them. The number 3 is often looked upon as a powerful number, as is the number 7. You may choose to not even set a fixed number, and may be open to fluctuations in your circle. The masters of this principle, however, do show a significant increase in focus and energy among those groups who decide to be committed to each other, at least for a season.

Set a time and day for regular meetings of the master minds in your group. People at or above your level of understanding of the Law of Attraction. Be strict about promptness, and attendance. If a member is chronically late, or absent, considering asking them to step down from their position in your circle, as the negativity that could breed is potentially very damaging to the positive energy you are looking to build upon.

Make every effort to free your meeting place from distractions. Play some instrumental music, or other CD you find empowering, such as ocean sounds. Light a candle. Lower the lights, and place a `Please do not knock, or ring door bell’ on your front door. Now that the setting is arranged, as the host of the power circle, it is your responsibility to prepare your heart prior to your partners arriving. Give your self enough time to decompress from whatever your day has brought. Ask your Higher Power to help you clear your mind, and protect this time you have set aside. Be especially careful to notice if there is any area of your heart cast in darkness. Unforgiveness, bitterness, ungratefulness. These negative feelings, and any others, will hamper your ability to reach higher ground spiritually, and therefore your positive connection to the Law of Attraction will be diminished, also.

Begin the power circle session by asking of your group to discern for themselves any negativity they may have carried with them to the meeting and as it is brought to mind, dealt with. Practice accountability in the circle, gently encouraging each other to be constantly striving for balance in all areas of life.

Be aware that the forming of a circle physically when you meet is very empowering. The circle symbolizes completion, continual movement, and is representative of eternity, having no visible beginning or end. As part of the discipline you are learning, your consciousness will begin immediately to be altered towards relaxation and deeper focus, as you assume your positions around the circle. Your mind leaves the worrisome and mundane, and allows serenity to give way to an expectant joy.

Begin your circle time with a deep, cleansing breathe, and then, after a moment, one by one, verbally express your thankfulness for all that the Law of Attraction is doing for you. Understand the power of the Law of Attraction stands outside of our limited concept of time, so when you are purposely communicating with it, you, also, must be grateful for all that was, is and will be, in the present tense.

As each participant speaks their thankfulness for the successes to come, their partners around the circle will affirm and edify the positive statements being made. Each time you gather, these simple acts will become more enriching to each member of the circle, and as victories within the partner’s lives are shared and celebrated the power of your circle with grow dramatically. 

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