The Law of Attraction and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very interesting time in a woman’s life.  Inside you is a living, breathing creature forming slowly, changing from tiny cells into a fully formed baby, kicking and thrashing around in your belly.  Hormones go wild, you have bizarre cravings, and your moods swing left and right like the arm of a metronome.  But did you know that using the Law of Attraction, you can help yourself and your unborn child to develop more smoothly, soothe unrestful babies and prevent complications? 

The most important thing, of course, is ensuring you will have a healthy baby!  Do not engage in long worry sessions over all of the things that potentially could go wrong during your pregnancy.  Doing so can cause you real complications, attract bad circumstances, and create an emotional field of worry and fear around you.  Deal with any complications as they come up – certainly do not attempt to anticipate any problems!  Do daily, or at least weekly, visualizations of you and your very healthy, happy baby together after the birth.  Imagine all of the things you look forward to, such as feeding, burping, dressing and playing with your baby.  Stress is already proven to create physical problems – removing stress as often as possible will help your pregnancy to stay smooth.  Visualizing your baby and you is a great way to release stressful thoughts and begin feeling excited again.

Next, did you realize that your thoughts, feelings and attitudes during pregnancy can greatly influence the mental state of the child you are creating?  If you allow the mood swings that can come with pregnancy to rule you, you may end up putting quite a bit of angry and sad energy into your energy field, which of course your baby will absorb.  Negative thinking patterns will be absorbed into your baby’s mind and may cause your baby to come out with a grumpy, pessimistic disposition.  Do your best to stay between neutral and happy.  Of course this isn’t always possible, but just be sure you do not spend a very significant amount of time feeling angry or sad.  Try to alter your moods whenever possible.  And when you aren’t able or willing to change your mood, don’t feel guilty later – just let it be what it is! 

Finally, as often as you can during your pregnancy, visualize giving birth.  Try to imagine it being as painless and uncomplicated as possible.  If you do so throughout your pregnancy, you may be able to have a very quick, relatively painless birth.  Continue imagining an easy, quick birth, and magnetize that energy around you.  Do not spend too much time worrying about pain – focus on an image of painless birth.  Also by imagining this scene often, you can put an end to what is often the biggest fear of pregnant women.  Repeated and extended imagining of something diminishes the fear around it, and if you paint a positive picture every time, you will most likely end up having a very positive experience. 

Most of all, enjoy your pregnancy!  Enjoy satisfying those strange cravings, being pampered by your husband, and anticipating the birth of your new loved one.  This is a unique time in your life – enjoy it!

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