The Law of Attraction, Coming Soon to a Life Near You!

As you read this, someone in your sphere of contact, is going to begin, very soon, a journey on a path of imaginable joy and fulfillment! What are you going to be doing today, that can’t give way to join in this incredible life experience. Work? Family responsibilities? I realize the list can seem insurmountable of reasons why you can’t devote yourself to a brighter future today, however if you allow daily stress and struggles to have control over your life, your future will never be what it was meant to be. Your tomorrow, when you are going to have the time to really look into this `Law of Attraction’ phenomenon will never occur. The years will go on, but positive change will never materialize for you.

Stop swimming upstream! Everything you are trying to accomplish in your life, from finding your car keys to becoming the next `American Idol’ is as close as your next breath. Imagine owning one of those beautiful stainless steel and glass refrigerators. There are special drawers and temperature settings for every type of food and drink. It has every feature you ever dreamed a fridge could possess. You go to the store and buy all your favorite items, the freshest produce, chesses, eggs, and meat. You can’t wait to experience how terrific this new fridge is going to serve your family in preserving your food. You fill the fridge, and go out for the day. When you come home that night, prepared to serve your family a great meal from the items in your terrific new fridge, you are dismayed to find everything in the fridge is spoiled, and is of no value. Now imagine you continue to do this every day, for years on end, never wondering what is wrong, and wasting all the resources you put into the fridge every day. If only someone had told you to plug this amazing new fridge in!!!! Well, silly as that sounds, that is exactly what you are doing each day you try to succeed in life without being  `plugged in’. All your efforts, resources and  labor has no effect on what you are trying to achieve. You feel as though your job is going nowhere, your health is fair at best, and your family and friends don’t appreciate  all you go through each day, just to survive.

Isn’t it time to stop surviving, and begin thriving? When will you take the power of the universe and claim it as your own? Will today just be another day of barely getting by, or will today be the start of a lifelong adventure of soaring with the eagles? Do you want to run and not grow weary? Do you want to walk and not feel faint? Mount up to fly with wings of eagles. The eagle does not thrash about, attempting to fly, he majestically soars. There are no struggles for those who do what they were meant to do. You were born for greatness, for a time such as this we must stop trying to operate without the power to do so. Plug in to the Law of Attraction, and never again feel as though no matter what you put into your efforts, nothing good comes out. If not today, than when? Why not now!!!

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