The Law of Attraction in a Christian’s Life

Is it possible for a devoted Christian to practice the principles taught in the movie The Secret? Would a true follower of Jesus Christ be amiss to call upon the Law of Attraction to enrich their future?

For a Christian to allow the Law of Attraction to activate a positive force in their lives is really quite simple. For you, your time spent beseeching the Power of the Universe is praying to God, in Jesus’ name. There is nothing in the Bible that condemns you for asking for more than what you have, and as a Christian you are very naturally going to be giving a portion of your success back to God’s use. Do you have a heart for the orphans of the world? Wonderful, ask God to bless you in such a mighty way, that you will be able to not only sponsor one orphan, but an entire orphanage. Is your desire to see that everyone who wants one has their own Bible? Purpose in your heart that a percentage of the blessings He brings your way will be used to that end.

Your God loves a thankful heart, so offer up your appreciation each time you approach Him. Ask God, in His infinite grace and mercy, to forgive you where you need it, and to enable you to forgive those who have wronged you. Ask God to help you walk so sweetly and closely with Him, that those who come against you will have no place to stand. Establish yourself as a person who is harmony with the Lord, and it will not be long before those who originally questioned your belief that His vast power was available for your use will be asking you to help them learn to be so steadfast in their faith.

The accounts of Christians alive today and throughout history who have believed in these principles are staggering, indeed. Recently, The Prayer of Jabez was an international best seller, a book all about a man in Biblical times, who asked God to enlarge his territories!

One of the most awesome examples of a Christian who personified the Law of Attraction, is that of Norman Vincent Peale. Peale was a Christian preacher, author, and an avid believer in positive thinking. He and his wife founded the Guidepost magazine in 1945, which is still going strong today,  inspiring  millions of people annually with it’s true stories of hope and success through faith. It was, however his book first published in 1952, The Power of Positive Thinking, that is his most widely read work. Considering it is now in 41 different languages, and has sold over 7 million copies, you must recognize, as a Christian, you are far from alone in your quest for not only a closer, more intimate relationship with God, but also a more successful life. Here is a quote of Peale’s that will encourage you:

"Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade."

May God richly bless your efforts to increase your wealth, and use part of those riches to see His Name increased, as well.

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One thought on “The Law of Attraction in a Christian’s Life”

  1. I write about the Law of Attraction from a Jewish mystical perspective, and I think one of the best things we can do is “talk to” or pray to God while we practice the concepts. When we tell God all about what we want and why we want it and we feel it as if we already have it and explain how we will use it not only for ourselves but for the sake of others, we attract in a powerful way. Plus, some of what you have written about rings very true in terms of how the Kabbalists view why we should want to attract the things we desire. They say we are meant to receive, becuase God created us as the receiving end of the cosmic creation equation. God is the Giver of Divine Goodness and we receive that goodness. However, while it is natural for us to have desires — indeed they attract the things we want to us — we have to want a new desire: the desire to receive not for our selves alone but for the sake of giving unconditionally to others. When we can do that — receive for the sake of giving, we attract (or receive) easily and effortlessly. Why? Because we achieve affinity of form with God…we become like God and remove the separation we perceive between Giver and receiver. We become givers, also, which allows us to tap into our own divinity — a powerful source of attraction. Add in one more factor — the desire to receive for the sake of giving pleasure to God, and we then tap into the divine flow of giving and receiving, and we can “attract” what we want miraculously. We receive and give as a way to connect with and do something for our Creator. And all giving and receiving becomes one and the same as we become one and the same with God. That’s conscious creation at its best.

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