The Law of Attraction in Your Marriage

Is the Law of Attraction an important component in your marriage? If it isn’t, may I suggest it needs to be, and to work on adjusting that immediately. In Amos, a small book of prophecy in the Bible, we read, "Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?". Looking also at Ecclesiastes, widely attributed to King Solomon, we see an elaboration of the value of hearts bonded towards a single purpose, " Two are better than one, because they have a very good reward for their efforts. If one falls, the other will lift him up, but woe to him who is alone when he falters, and has no one to help him up.". The meaning here is clear. If you should begin to show reluctance in  keeping your daily focus time with the Law of Attraction, your partner will encourage you to get back on track. Should you stray from a positive mindset, you partner will firmly, yet lovingly, guide you back to the center of your strength and belief. As you join your hearts and minds together towards a common goal, the power of positive energy that is being expelled on your behalf is decidedly greater, and therefore, so will the return be.

Consider the great value of melded hearts if there is an imbalance in the time spent or aptness towards reaching for higher planes of conciseness through absorbing the vast written knowledge available. Perhaps one of the couple would rather read than eat, it seems, whereas the other is more visual in their quest for information, seeking instead nature and it’s unending beauty for inspiration. Truly both gifts have  great value, and if they are shared, compliment each other to a stronger core center. Among the countless worthy of note quotes we can glean from Henry David Thoreau’s warehouse of wisdom is this nugget, "It takes two to speak truth, one to speak, and another to hear.". So succinct, and yet such glorious depth to contemplate.

Make time in your schedule to bring together the information from your daily experiences, and consider together those that have enriched your life, and those that are to be discarded from future concern. Give time each week to discerning together the actions you will both be taking, separately and as a team, to further your future achievements. In doing so, not only will your focus towards positive results from the Law of Attraction be greatly enhanced, but your marriage will also see dramatic improvement in all areas.

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