The Law of Attraction vs. Clutter

America is a country besieged with clutter. We need three car garages, park our cars outside, and we still rent storage units. Storage tubs and containers are brisk sellers, and new companies designed to help us organize our clutter spring up daily. It has been shown, however, that physical clutter is often a result of an unsettled mind. Perhaps you have boxes of virtually worthless items from your Mother’s estate. You have offered them to everyone else in the family, no one wants them, however you hang on to them. Please realize, you are attempting to hang onto your Mother by keeping her things. This is but one example of a cluttered home being indicative of a cluttered mind.

There are plenty of good books and workshops available to help you systematically deal with your physical clutter, I will address it quickly, so we can move on to the mind clutter that we must eradicate prior to seeing the most beneficial results from our requests of the Law of Attraction.

Do you really want more clutter in your life? If that is what you are living, and it is distracting you from true harmony in your home, unfortunately, that is what you will continue receiving and processing into your life. Remember, the Law of Attraction acts as a mirror to your soul. That which you are focused on becomes that which will continue to be magnified in your environment.

Begin today to assess your surroundings. Take a special item from each grouping of similar items, and keep it. The rest, if you must, photograph, and then dispose of. Give away to charity the things which do not enrich your life in any viable manner. If this is too difficult for you, ask a trusted member of your power circle to join you, and then do the same for them. Move though your home, and garage, and storage if you have it. Eliminate all that you possibly can. Your emotional ties to long since usable items must be severed, if you are to be able to enhance the power of the Law of Attraction in  your life. 

The cleansing you will experience after completing this exercise will invigorate you. Capturing wasted space in your home is very empowering, and will spur you on to celebrate a future well lived, in an orderly home.

Now that your dwelling is in order, direct your attention to your heart and mind. Recognize the thoughts and feelings that are unnecessary to your spiritual well being. Bring those before your power circle and thank the Law of Attraction for removing them from you. Be aware of the positive atmosphere within a clean heart. Remove all bitterness and wrath, and forgive all whom you resent, then prepare to watch the floodgates of blessing begin to fill your life with astounding riches, beyond your imagining.

Albert Einstein gave us this valuable insight on clutter: "Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

May it be manifested in your life.

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