The Law of Attraction, a Primer

Across America and around the world people are ablaze with this new information, this groundbreaking truth, this secret to unleashing the power of the universe, and harnessing it for you own good purpose. But is there really anything new under the sun? King Solomon, purportedly the wisest man to ever live,  asked that same question thousands of years ago. Pondering all that he had seen and done, and all the wisdom that he had asked for and had received from God, Solomon determined, "No, there is nothing new under the sun". Whatever was always will be, and that which will be, always has been.  As long as time has existed, the universe has held certain truths, principles, and properties,  and it is futile to `run against the wind’ if you will. 

Centuries before King Solomon recorded his wisdom for the ages,  Moses asked, "But what can I do?", when faced with the injustices being suffered among his people. God’s answer was timeless, "Go, and tell them I sent you". Well, Moses still needed some convincing, but finally he did go back to Egypt, and through the Power of the Universe, he influenced the Pharaoh to let his people go.

These short vignettes are but two from a list that would reach across the galaxy if all were known and recorded that displayed a Power so great, so infinite, and so excellent, that there are truly no words sufficient to describe it with accuracy. Humbly I write, knowing the Creator of the Universe forgives my inadequacy, and celebrates my forward motion of reaching for a honest portrayal of the power waiting to be discovered by anyone who will say, `I am willing, cause me to do great things".

Let’s press on together, towards the prize of a life filled with joy and satisfaction. The Law of Attraction is not a `Blab it and grab it’ mentality, nor is it as simple as `What comes around goes around’. The Law of Attraction will take you places you only dreamed possible, and some that even your most vibrant dreams left unseen.

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