The Easily Overlooked Basic Of The Law Of Attraction

If you are working with the Law of Attraction but having less than stellar results, don’t fear!  It’s very likely that you need only tweak what you’re doing in order to become successful.  Due to the nature of our current culture, our rat-race mentality, and our logical upbringing, there are some thinking habits we may need to override in order to be more successful.  When addressed, it may be possible to go from absolute failure to powerful success with the Law of Attraction.  Let’s look at a common mistake we make when using the Law of Attraction to manifest our desires.

It is important to understand this point.  The universe will give you what you desire!  Here’s where things get tricky.  We are used to knowing that in order to buy our dream house, we need a lot of money.  In order to lose weight, we need to change our eating habits.  In order to get from here to there, we have to pass through the middle.  This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play.  The Law is responsible for handling the “HOW” in your manifestation.  Only the end result, your desire itself, is what matters.   It may come as a surprise then to find out that many people start by trying to manifest the “HOW” for their actual desire.

The Law of Attraction works by the power of your thoughts and emotions in making manifest your desires.  Therefore, when you focus on your actual desire, you feel the emotions of excitement, happiness, expectancy, etc.  These are what empower your intention and allow manifestation to occur.  When focus is placed on the middle area, the stepping stone between where you are and where you truly want to be, it is very difficult to build the necessary emotions and energy to actually attract your target.  Therefore, by simply correcting the mistake of properly identifying your desires and not the stepping stones, you will become vastly more successful in your attempts.

The universe is made of vibrating energy.  Anything is possible.  It is not your concern to trouble over how it may be possible for something to happen.  All you need to do is visualize your desire come to life.  Feel the energy, daydream away, and allow your intent to magnetize your desire.  Let the universe worry about how to make it happen – you focus on what you want to happen!  The simplicity is such that we miss it.  Our current minds have difficulty adjusting to the need for focusing directly on the end result without any thought or worry over the in-between.  Learn to overcome this weakness and you will succeed.

So to summarize, make sure that you identify your true desires, and that you are not in fact trying to manifest a stepping stone.  The shift to working on your actual desire, no matter how far fetched it might seem, will allow you to generate the necessary energy to manifest it into being.  The universe will then find a way to make it occur, and it will manifest for you.  The more detached you remain from the means, the more quickly and easily the ends will manifest.  Good luck!

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