The Attractor Factor

What is it that really fuels the Law of Attraction?  What is it that makes it work for some, and fail miserably for others?  What is the one underlying secret of using the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires?  In short, what is the Attracter Factor?

In one word: emotion.  That’s right; the emotion that is generated by a thought is the energy that goes into attracting that thought into reality.  That’s why many of us live in a reality we’re not ecstatic about – our negative emotions, caused by negative thinking patterns, have attracted many things into our realities that we do not want. 

The Law of Attraction is blissfully ignorant of whether or not you want something.  Whatever thoughts combined with emotional energy are held, that is what will become manifest.  Most of us dilute our thoughts, which is a good thing considering many of our thoughts are negative.  Luckily, that dilution keeps us from living in self-created hells.  That doesn’t change the fact that many of us aren’t living our ideal lives.  We absolutely can live the life we desire, it just takes some work.

First, note what your emotions tell you about the thoughts that you hold.  Do you find yourself feeling good most of the time, or bad?  Neutral?  If you are thinking thoughts that aren’t generating emotion, you will feel neutral.  These thoughts will pretty much never amount to anything.  When you are thinking thoughts that make you feel bad (angry, sad, upset, anxious, worried) you are attracting more of that anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.  When you are thinking thoughts that make you feel good (happy, joy, excitement, fun, love), you are attracting more things that will make you feel good.

The emotion is everything, and by monitoring your emotions, you can change your thought patterns to begin attracting more positive things into your reality.  It’s not that difficult to learn to become aware when you aren’t feeling good.  Take that awareness and begin to change your negative thought patterns.  If you’re not feeling good, stop what you’re thinking and start thinking something else.  Something that makes you feel good. 

Positive thinking is not just about feeling better about the world you are living in.  Positive thinking actually alters your reality, so that the world you are living in is more positive and enjoyable for you.  There is nothing wishy washy about it – this is cold hard science.  The observer is intimately tied to the observed.  Reality exists in a wave of probability.  The observer collapses that probability into a set reality.  The deciding factor on which reality this probability wave collapses onto?  The observer’s deepest expectations and beliefs.

You are literally creating your reality every moment of every day.  By learning to use your emotions as a tool as well as using them to empower your positive manifestations, you will find yourself living in a much nicer reality very quickly.

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