The $10 Million House

House Got together with a few business friends of mine to “mastermind” with each other. One owns a $10MM house, so we decided to meet at his place, rather than take a vacation, which is what we’ve done in the past.

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House1 This place isn’t just a big house; it’s a castle. The best way I can describe it is a cross between a Harry Potter ride at Disney World and a casino in Las Vegas. It has secret rooms, a secret floor, a “cave” themed swimming pool, a DJ booth and dance floor, a wine cellar, a theater, waterfalls, a recording studio, huge baths, a steam room, and more. Food was prepared by a private chef and there was a massage therapist on-site.

House3 Is it over-the-top? For some people, it would have been. But for my friend who owns it, it’s a pefect match.

This guy got his start as a magician. What better house for a magician that a quirky place that looks like a castle and has bookshelves that turn into doors and lead to secret passages?

House4 But he’s single… How can one man possibly take advantage of six bedrooms, multiple kitchen and bar areas, an eight-car garage, a gym, and several outside decks and balconies?

House6 The answer to this question is one of the reasons I feel he was able to make this situation happen. Yes, he’s a single guy, but he makes great use of the space.

House5 On the last morning I was there, I woke up to kids running around outside my bedroom, which was near the pool area. As it turns out, these were the kids of the guy who was there to fix the audio system. My friend had invited him to bring them along to have fun in the pool.

This type of hospitality was something I saw over and over again throughout the few days of my meeting. It was very inspiring.

Beyond that, if you’re wondering how he was able to get the house, here are a couple of things I noted…

1. TRUST – He trusts things are going to be ok and work out well. Rather than be intimidated by what most would be considered a huge challenge, he looks forward to the adventure of it.

2. GRATITUDE – This guy is just a normal person who wakes up with the same amount of time and ability as the rest of us. He doesn’t take what he’s been able to accomplish for granted and is very grateful for it.

Regardless of your goals in life, I feel the skills of generosity, trust, and gratitude will help you to make things happen.

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