Suspending Disbelief Forever

It is difficult to get started with the Law of Attraction.  Although mentally we may be very attracted to the idea of manifesting our own reality, these simple teachings fly opposite to everything we have learned and experienced before in our lives.  Many people “try” the Law of Attraction, find that it doesn’t work for them, and then denounce it as a scam.  The sad fact is that these people never really truly believed it was possible, and didn’t give it a fair chance.  Their failure with the Law of Attraction was attracted to them in order to verify their belief that it was a lie.  That’s the tricky thing about the Law of Attraction – it will bring you whatever you want, even if it gets in your way.

So how do you truly give the Law of Attraction a chance?  It starts by suspending your disbelief.  You have to really, truly accept the fact that it is at the very least possible that there is something to this “Law of Attraction” mumbo jumbo.  It helps to start with a certain disposition.  If you wish it were true, but know deep down that obviously it can’t be, then this is perfect for you.  That’s how I got my start years ago.  I wanted it to be true but just “knew” it wasn’t.  I decided to do what I’m recommending to you, and I’m so glad I did!

Suspend your disbelief – go ahead and agree to allow yourself to believe something “crazy” for awhile.  Really give it a try.  Just do it!  Practice visualizing your desires and your success without feeling any shame in doing so.  Start thinking and believing that you can have anything you want, without feeling like a flake!  The beauty of this is, if your heart is really in it, and you really want it to work, it will!  Now the thing that was “crazy”, that you wish could have been true but wasn’t, really is true for you.  But you have to truly take a leap into it, which means setting your old beliefs aside.

It’s amazing how old beliefs can control us.  They can give us a sureness – an absolute certainty deep within our gut that we know what is true.  The problem with the Law of Attraction is that it always is working, whether we believe it or not.  So while you were living in your old belief system, the Law of Attraction was quietly at work behind the scenes, bringing you experiences and circumstances that further proved what you already believed at the time.  When you suspend your disbelief, you give yourself permission to truly try something else, and that is where you will find the truth – that the Law of Attraction will prove to you whatever you believe, even if it’s the opposite of what you believed last.

By taking the leap, you will find yourself taking control of your life, enjoying your new abundance, and reawakening to the magic and beauty of life.  By suspending your disbelief temporarily, you will actually be suspending it forever.  You don’t have to believe that going in though, just give it a try!  You won’t regret it.

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