Surrounded by Negativity

Have you ever considered the amount of negativity that is swirling around you every day? It’s almost like a proverbial swarm of mosquitoes. 

If you open the newspaper, almost every article will be the negative view of a topic; the same is true to turning on the television news.

Even if you try to watch regular TV, the days of positive shows have all but been wiped out by the most dramatic and evil depictions of society.

Next consider the people you encounter in your day-to-day activities.  At the store, chances are you will encounter a handful of impatient people who are angry that everything in the world is not going their way. People will get worked up and complain about everything from a bus that is running a minute late, to the flavor of the day’s coffee.

Sometimes it seems we are in a society full of negative and angry people, and all of that negative energy is surrounding you.  The trick is to keep it from dampening your positive energy.

So, you are on a one-person mission – to keep your positive mentality intact. This can feel much like a war that you are fighting alone.  Everyone and everything you encounter are throwing weapons of mass negativity at you, and you have to find out where they are coming from, and dodge them or diffuse them before they can affect you.

While it may seem impossible, it can be done. 

First, remember that you, and only you, are looking out for your positive mental situation.  If you can’t keep positive mental energy going, you cannot gain the prosperity you seek by using the Law of Attraction.  It’s quite the opposite. The more negative energy you start to let in, the more negative energy you will put out.  That will result negative energy coming to you from the universe.

Any time you feel that there is almost too much negative energy coming at you to handle, spend that much more time on strengthening your positive defenses, that could be in the foundation of more affirmation, the construction of a treasure map, wearing headsets to avoid listening to the negative people around you, or using more denials to remove the negative influences from you life.

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