Shape Up With the Law of Attraction!

Don’t worry, this is not an intro for a new Richard Simmons video! I have created an  acronym out of the word `shape’ that will help us all remember to stay the course with the Law of Attraction.

Spiritual Strength
Pursuit of Power

I really appreciate acronyms, they seem to become easily ensconced into my memory, providing easy to draw on nuggets of information.

Spiritual strengths are without a doubt your most valuable asset. You may rule the world, and all it’s wealth, however if you lack a fortified spiritual foundation, what have you? How do you exercise your spiritual strength? Be it meditation, prayer, studying ancient wisdom, sitting at the feet of today’s inspirational masters, or perhaps a combination of any of these, it is of vital importance that you do not neglect this area of your life. For the Law of Attraction to be activated on your behalf, you must provide it a spiritually clean slate to receive the positive flow that waits to surround you. If there is an aura of disharmony about your spirit, you will never achieve the fullness of joy that would have been yours for the asking.

To truly appreciate and anticipate that which is to be, we must constantly maintain a heart established in hopefulness. Hopefulness is not `wishful thinking’. Rather it is a reasonable expectation of that which will occur. Have you reason to believe your aspirations will be manifested into reality? If you are following the Law of Attraction you most certainly do. Evidence abounds regarding the limitless power that is yours to command. Exude hopefulness, and allow your hopes to be fulfilled through the Law of Attraction.

Your personally defined aspirations should be yours alone. No one, at this exact moment, stands before the bountiful table of the Law of Attraction, with precisely your plateful of dreams and desires to fulfill. The more finely honed your aspirations become, the more this will be true. Allow your heart to guide your aspirations. You are uniquely created for greatness, but that personal definition of greatness must come from the well spring of your own spirit. Don’t borrow anyone else’s aspirations, you will be short changing your future. Focus solely on your private and individual ambitions, allowing the Law of Attraction to materialize them for you.

The pursuit of power is perhaps the easiest of things that we must focus on to achieve enlightened success. The Law of Attraction does not actually require our pursuit of it. It does, however, demand our respect, our attention, and certainly our positively channeled energy to reflect back to us. As you consider the infinite power at your disposal, surely you are desirous of it being useful to you in a highly personal manner. 

Consider your expectations for what the Law of Attraction can bring into your life. Again, it is your own energy, either positive or negative, that fuels the Law of Attraction, so that which you are projecting, is that which you will receive, and then some! Based on this reality, shouldn’t all of our expectations be centered on the positive? Concentrate your energy always towards the positive, and demand of your self that your expectations be absolutely enriching to you. This affirming attitude will be the difference in all you do today, and all you will do tomorrow.

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