Saving Money vs. Hoarding Money

The Law of Attraction teaches us that “like attracts like,” but what does this really mean when it comes to money?

You might follow a logical pattern of thought and conclude that having a lot of money stored up in the bank (or in jars buried in your yard) will attract a large amount of money into your life, right?  If it’s true that like attracts like, then squirreling money away seems like a good idea – until you consider the role beliefs and intentions play in the Law of Attraction.

There is a big difference between saving money and hoarding money.  These two focuses will create very different outcomes, depending on the mind-set of the saver/hoarder.  Let’s take a closer look at what is happening energetically when you hoard money or save money:

Hoarding Money = a Belief in “Not Enough”.

When you hoard money, you are doing so because of a belief that there will be a shortage or lack of money in the future.  You are essentially holding an intention to safeguard against “not having enough” – which must ultimately create the experience of not having enough!  This mind-set focuses on the perception that there is never enough to go around so you must accumulate as much as you can while you can – because later you won’t have the opportunity.

Simply because of this type of focus, you will end up creating a state of lack because not only will you attempt to store away as much money as you can, you will also resist spending money (even on things you really need), and this habit will eventually create a pool of stagnation.  If the stagnation becomes big enough or goes on for too long, you will actually create a blockage in the flow of money through your life.  Thus, your belief that there isn’t enough to go around will be proven true.

Saving Money = an Investment in a Better Future.

Saving money, on the other hand, adopts a completely different focus.  You are not obsessing about a lack or shortage, but rather expressing a belief in your ability to attract abundance and opportunities.  How?  By setting aside some monetary resources, you are thinking optimistically about the future and creating a greater potential for freedom and power in your life.  You are not grasping desperately at money; you are creating a pool of abundance that will continue to attract more money, freedom and opportunities into your life.  This pool of abundance can create more options for you to employ in many different situations, and it can also empower you to make better choices for your long-term growth rather than acting from a sense of immediate desperation.

If you want to increase your bottom line, pay very close attention to your feelings and intentions when you set money aside.  Save money with a focus on building wealth, increasing your personal freedom and creating lasting financial security for your family.  Rather than trying to safeguard against an uncertain or threatening future, develop a habit of investing into a bright and prosperous future.

Remember that your thoughts, feelings, intentions AND actions will all work together to create the physical reality you experience – financially and otherwise.

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