Reprogram Your Mind for Success

If you aren’t as successful as you would like to be, don’t be alarmed.  Success begins in the mind and ends in your manifest reality.  Therefore, the key to becoming successful in your life is to reprogram your mind to accommodate your vision of success.

Reprogramming the mind is not as difficult as you may imagine.  The most important factor in altering the subconscious mind is repeated, extended exposure to a new idea.  In other words, you need to commit to making this change in yourself over time.  In order to do so, you will need to work daily on this until your subconscious absorbs the information, ideas and beliefs you want.

Your deepest, subconscious thoughts and beliefs about reality are what create your reality.  Therefore, your subconscious can’t accept new information left and right.  If it did, your reality would change on a daily basis.  That would be incredibly disconcerting!  Instead, your subconscious accepts information that it is exposed to over and over again, with your approval, (and sometimes even without).  Hypnosis programs are useful, but only if you have a way to use them every three days or so for several weeks.  Do not go out and have a one-time hypnosis session.  Hypnosis takes time for the same reason any change of the subconscious mind takes time: the subconscious is guarded for your protection.

The general consensus on how long it takes the subconscious mind to integrate new thoughts or beliefs is around 21 days.  If you Google "in 21 days", you will find a tremendous number of products, all basically titled "Learn to X in 21 Days".  There is a good reason for this – the subconscious barrier breaks around 21 days.  All the new information is absorbed, accepted and integrated.

So each day, for 21 days to a month (as 21 is the average), you should spend a little bit of time focusing on the new thoughts, beliefs and ideas that you would like to integrate into your subconscious.  You can do this directly, or via creative visualization.  There are some other shortcuts as well.  The subconscious loves a story.  Write a story, laced with the ideals and beliefs you would like to integrate.  Make sure every aspect of the story implies these new ideas.  Then read this story to yourself every one or two days.

The subconscious regularly flushes itself of new information.  Approximately two or three days after absorbing new information, if it is not reinforced, the subconscious flushes it out, usually in dreams.  So the trick is to be consistent and persistent until the new information is absorbed, accepted, and integrated into your fundamental underlying beliefs about your reality.  At that point, your reality will begin to shift to make room for these new beliefs.

By working on success, or wealth, or love, you will see your reality open up and your success, wealth or love will enter.  It’s really amazing how this happens, and it may surprise you at first.  It happens easily, effortlessly, and fluidly.  It happens so easily in fact, that you may begin to feel that what you originally desired was always there, and in a way this is true.  But mostly this is your reality, your present, your Now, making a complete change and incorporating your desires. 

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