Recognizing a time for growth

There are various points in our lives when it’s time to go through growth spurts. As a child, we went through a number of them. Some were physical like growing a lot over the summer break from school and needing all new clothes. Others were milestones like learning how to finally walk or ride a bike.  But growth does not stop when we mature into adults.

Much like a tree, we keep growing. It may not be in height, but we are still spreading our roots into the world, feeding on the experiences of our lives and growing from those experiences.  But sometimes we find a wall in the way of our growth.

When we hit this wall it is something known as divine discontent, a feeling that we need to move further, grow more, but we can’t. We’re locked into a situation, place or time that seems to have no way out.

Luckily, there is always a way out.

When you are not reaching your potential, you may feel frustrated, bored or just shut down from the environment you are in.  Instead of allowing a power down of your system, this is a time when you should ramp up your energy to find a new way to go.

As you do your affirmations, ask where it is you should be heading.  You will get an answer.

Be ready to use that answer to move yourself to the next level. This is a time to make sure you have cleared out any of the roadblocks that may cause you to question your abilities and capabilities of handling a new direction on your path to prosperity.

If you believe you are ready, you must face that fear of the new things, and ask for the next step, then hold your head up high and take it.  Know that your soul and the universe are working in your best interest, and will be offering the best path to you if you are willing to take it.

If you ignore the best path, the universe will still try to send you in the right direction, but the road maybe more difficult as you make up lost ground.

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