Playful Attraction – The Zen of Laughter

Laughter is one of the most powerful things we as humans have at our disposal.  Laughter heals the mind, heals the emotions, promotes happiness and well-being, and can even boost the immune system.  Cultivating a good sense of humor about yourself and about life can allow even the most painful situations to become more tolerable, and can greatly enhance all of the moments of your life.

Laughter carries a lot of energy.  Positive energy.  When you laugh, you shake up your energy body and clean out some of the uglies that build up during your daily life.  Laughter releases stress and promotes good vibes.  Laughter can also be used to boost your Law of Attraction visualizations.

When you are visualizing your desires, allow the process to become silly.  When you see yourself in a big mansion, imagine yourself riding around the grounds of the mansion on a giant elephant.  Integrate something funny into your visualization – something that is funny visually, or something that is absurd about the situation, just so long as it is something amusing to you and not destructive to your visualized desire.  For instance, don’t imagine the mansion falling in around you – that’s not what you want!  But if there’s a monkey swinging from the chandelier… you might just chuckle.  And any laughter in your visualization is going to build more positive energy into your desire’s manifestation.

One of the worst things to lack is a sense of humor about yourself.  If this is the case, you may want to seriously consider putting yourself into an absurd position in which you would normally be embarrassed.  Instead, treat yourself like an outsider and laugh at yourself.  Learning to laugh at yourself can permanently release embarrassment, fear of embarrassment, and fear of ridicule.  When you have a sense of humor about yourself, the world becomes brighter, and you lose a lot of pressure and stress that you are unknowingly carrying around.

Watch more comedies, and rent as many old stand-up acts as you can.  By saturating your mind with comedy, you will learn to think in comedic fashion, and your daily life will become far more amusing.  Even in the midst of difficulties, you will start to find things that are amusing, and this can break your stress and allow you to better function as you work through things.

The benefits of laughter can not be overstated in relation to your peace of mind, mental well-being, or physical and emotional health.  Laughter aids in the creative process, and in your manifestation visualizations.  Take a little time tonight to find something you find funny and enjoy it, whether a movie, book, or television show.  Infuse a little laughter in your life each day, and you will enjoy all of the benefits that humor can bestow.

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  1. There has never been a better time to learn about therapeutic laughter. There has never been a greater need to touch people’s lives, to make people laugh, and to make this world a better place to live in.

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