Personal Development Retreat – May 30 through June 1

Just got word that Debra Moorhead will be doing a personal development retreat for women.  Dates are May 30 through June 1 and the location is Maysville, Kentucky.

Price includes both food and lodging.

Get more info.

Doing something like this is great for a couple of reasons:

1. You get to connect with others who are also working to better themselves with the Law of Attraction.  You’ll share experiences, techniques, and more.

Sometimes it’s hard to find people who are really serious.  They saw Oprah talk about the Secret and tried to implement the concepts into their lives, but when they hit a bump, that was the end of that.

If you’re going to take a weekend out of your busy life and go to study Law of Attraction in an out-of-town location, you’re pretty serious about making things work…and the other people who attend the event will be also.

2. A setting like this is great, because you’re away from your daily life.  You’ll be able to concentrate on learning, without having to deal with your normal, day-to-day things.

So definitely check it out.  If it works for you, by all means go. 🙂

And speaking of Debra Moorhead, check out what she said about my new book, "Ask Believe Receive."

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